Does Facebook Notify While Someone Taking Screenshot of Story


Guide: Screenshot Facebook Story – Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, and reportedly this platform has over 2 Billion active users.

However, 74% of its active users which is almost 1.65 Billion people use this platform every day and 500000 new users are signing in to this platform daily.

People share their emotions and their life on this platform and they also share their point of view to their community through this platform. To engage the users in a better way, this social media platform has introduced a completely new feature and that is the story option.

This new option allows people to share their thoughts in the form of a picture and it will appear at the top of the platform.

However, the stories will remain visible for 24 hours only. After a certain time, Facebook modified this option and made the user capable of seeing the list of users who have seen the story. Soon after the launch, this option became very popular among the users.

The official report of Facebook published the stats of active story users, which is 60% of the active users. More than 300 to 500 active users share the story on their profile daily and the users can see the other users who have visited their story.

However, users who have taken screenshot Facebook story are not visible to the users.

Privacy Concern

facebook story screenshot

People who are aware of their privacy raised the issue that like other social media platforms Facebook should also allow the users to know about the list of users who have taken a screenshot of their story.

Facebook is a huge social media platform and people from any part of the globe can see and get connected with any people in this world. Until and unless the users have changed their privacy settings, people from any part of the globe can see other user’s pictures and can download them or can take a screenshot.

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However, to stop the unethical use of the pictures and provide privacy to the users, Facebook provided the users the option to showcase their posts and pictures to the selective people only.

However, no update has been introduced by the team of Facebook to send a notification to the users who have taken a Facebook story screenshot of a certain user.

The process to take a screenshot

Depending upon the device the process of taking screenshot may vary as well. If you are using windows-based pc to access your profile then you can use controls and part screen menu buttons to take a screenshot of your favourite posts. If you are using an Android operating system-based device then you need to use the power button and the volume rocker button to take the screenshot.

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For apple-based devices, you need to use the control button, shift, and 5 buttons together to take a screenshot Facebook story.

Solving the Problem

If you are worried that people outside your community can take the screenshot of your posts and use it for unethical purpose then you can change the privacy settings of Facebook.

his will allow you to show your posts and news feed to the selected users only and no-one else will be able to see or to take a screenshot of your posts.

However, you can also take certain preventive measurements by changing your privacy settings also as Facebook don’t send screenshot notification. To change your privacy setting, you need to click on the settings option and there you need to find the privacy options.

There you will be able to find the options that will allow you to change a wide number of settings and from this control panel, you can choose the people who can see your posts and get access to your posts as well.

Well, practically you will not be able to stop the people from Facebook story screenshot of your posts but you can select the people who can view your posts.

This active measurement from Facebook allows people with an advanced security feature. If you are still thinking about the question “does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story?” Taking screenshot Facebook story is more likely a hardware-based facility that is why changing of manipulating this aspect may affect the user experience.

That is why Facebook has allowed its users to make changes in their privacy options that will allow them with greater flexibility and a wide number of options.

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