Netflix Play Bar Won’t Go Away: Here’s How To Fix in 2023

Netflix is one of the most popular platforms offering you a wide collection of shows and movies, which you can see anytime using user internet enabled device. But quite a few times your viewing experience get interrupted by one or the other technical glitches. One of such irritating things is Netflix play bar won’t go away error.

Many viewers have reported this thing earlier on quite a frequent note. If you are also experiencing the nuisance caused by it and looking to find solutions to get rid of Netflix play bar won’t go away error, you are probably on the right blog.

So without further ado, let’s get straight to the topic by first understanding the reasons as to why Netflix play bar won’t go away?

Reasons for Netflix progress bar won’t go away

No matter which device are you using to stream Netflix app, be it your TV, desktop computer, laptop or smart phone, there are several reasons behind getting this issue.

Quite often it happens when the progress bar just won’t go away despite of you swiping or tapping it repeatedly. The bugs causing the Netflix bar won’t go away is one of the irritating things might happen to you while browsing movies or any other entertainment program on your Netflix account.

The most common reasons that might result in having the Netflix progress bar won’t go away problem are listed as under:

  • Obsolete (Outdated) application
  • Storage problem on your device
  • Internet connectivity or data issue
  • Presence of bug or virus

Here are some of the simple yet effective troubleshooting methods which would let you fix the Netflix play bar keeps popping up problem.

How to fix Netflix progress bar won’t go away issue

If you are lucky then merely restarting your device, app or browser may fix the issue for you. However, when it doesn’t work well for you it will probably the time to go for some complex methods to get rid of the situation. Below are the methods ranging from simple to complex which will definitely help you to find a solution to fix Netflix play bar won’t go away issue.

Fix#1: Reboot your Device

As they say, first thing first. So when you are encountered with such error you must start from the most basic solution, i.e.; to reboot or restart your device. Many users have reported to get rid of this problem by rebooting the device.  

Whether you are using a Laptop, PC or mobile, just reboot or restart it and hope that it will help you in fixing the Netflix progress bar problem.

Fix#2: Restart your Browser or App

Once you are done with rebooting your device, the next thing you can try is restarting your browser or app. If the problem is due to accumulated cache in the browser or app, restarting it will free up memory and that will let Netflix to function optimally.

While closing the browser, you must ensure that it should not appear on the task manager. For this purpose you have to navigate to Task Manager followed by Apps/Background Processes and then close any instances of the browser. Similarly in case of Netflix mobile app, ensure that it isn’t running in the background after you have closed it.

Now having closed the browser or app, you must wait a while and then re-launch the browser or app to stream your favorite video on Netflix.

If the problem still persists, then try some other solution to get it fixed.

Fix#3: Clear Internal Storage of your Device

As one of the reasons behind this problem is the Internal Storage usage on your device, especially when you are using smartphones to stream Netflix, you are required to clear the internal storage and get rid of some unwanted stuff be deleting it.

So it is suggested that you must clear storage of your device so as to fix the issue.

Fix4: Clear Cache Memory

Since an increase in caches are likely to result in such type of errors. Thus it is recommended to clear the browsing data. If you are using web browser for streaming videos on Netflix, clear the cache of your web browser by performing following steps:

  • Press ctrl+shift+del to open the clear browsing data window.
  • Select cached images and files by placing a tick mark against them.
  • Click Clear Data.

Clearing the cache data will ultimately help you in fixing the Netflix play bar keeps popping up error.

Fix#5: Update Netflix App or Browser

As for the proper functioning you must have the most recent version of app. In fact an obsolete version of the Netflix app is quite likely to contain a bug responsible for this problem. Similarly, an old version of your browser could also be a cause for the Netflix bar that keeps popping up.

Thus updating Netflix app or your web browser and getting all the latest updates will help you to resolve the issue.

Fix#6: Update Flash Player

Another method which might work for you in fixing this issue is updating the flash player. If you are not using the latest version of flash player ensure to get one.

For having the updated version of flash player you are required to download and install it from its official site. Just navigate to from your device to get the latest version of the flash player downloaded and installed on your computer.

Ensure that you have enabled it on your browser. Wait for the download and installation process to complete and once it is done check for whether the problem is fixed or not.

Fix #7: Stop Incompatible Apps or Plugins

One of the probable reasons behind this problem could be an incompatible app or plugin on your device.

In case of a web browser, just go to extensions and then disable all such plugins prior to you reloading Netflix. While when it comes to mobile app you need to close all the other incompatible apps running in the background. That’s all!! These methods could help you to resolve Netflix play bar won’t go away.


How do I remove the Netflix play bar?

When you’re watching Netflix and chilling with your friends, you might face an unusual problem and your Netflix play bar won’t go away! You can follow these tips to remove it.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a OTT platform that offers subscription based services for watching movies, TV series and play games.

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