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OBJ On Facebook

[2022] What is OBJ Emoji? Why am I seeing it on Facebook/Snapchat?

While scrolling down your Facebook feeds and posts, there is an obvious chance to catch up small rectangular boxes with OBJ being written within....
Freeze the Firewall

[2022] Freeze the Firewall : Here is how to Unblock Websites Behind a Firewall

There are multiple occasions when you are trying to browse a website but found that it is blocked. The internet connection is stable but...
What Happens When you Block Someone on Discord

[2022] Here is What Happens When you Block Someone on Discord

When you're using a social media network or a messenger, you will come across so many people with different mindsets. Some will support you,...
Fox Sports Go Activate

[2022] How to Get Fox Sports GO Activated on your Smart Device

Fox Sports Go allows the viewers to access live games and sports events alongside the studio shows. It provides the best sports coverage that can...
twitch elevated chat

What is Twitch Elevated Chat and How it Works?

Twitch is a platform which is mostly preferred by those who wants to stream games and watch the "pros" playing games and listen to...
uninstall betterdiscord

Uninstall Better Discord from Discord: Easy Methods for Users

Within a few years of its launch Discord has gained a great popularity among various communities of netizens. Backed by its success BetterDiscord was...
YouTube Video Paused Continue Watching

Fixing YouTube Video paused Continue Watching – A Handy Guide

Have you just played some random mix playlist on YouTube and get to see that after playing for some time, the video automatically gets... alternatives

9 Best Alternatives To Watch Videos with Friends was a great video sharing service that existed till 2019. In fact, it exists even today in the hearts of many friends and...
588 Area Code

[Resolved] 588 Area Code Mystery on Verizon: Here’s The Reality

Verizon Communications Inc, known as Verizon, is an American Multinational Telecommunications conglomerate. It has gained the reputation of being the best cellular network carrier and...
How to Find Someone on Instagram

Follow More To Grow More: Here’s How To Find Someone On Instagram

If you want to expand your Instagram network and looking for the ways to find someone on Instagram, you have just landed on the...

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