How to find a Facebook profile using a reverse image search in 2023


Ever since it was introduced Facebook has been one of the most prominent social media platforms. The all engaging web app has about 2 billion active users with countless profiles. There is lot of advanced features in the kitty of Facebook which makes it preferred choice of users from all ages. But as FB user have you ever thought of a way to find person by picture on Facebook or to search Facebook profile by picture? Is face recognition feasible and can you find the name for a face? To your surprise the answer is in affirmation! Yes…. You can search a photo on Facebook and get to know the detailed information or profile of the same by simply applying Facebook Image Search or reverse image search on Facebook.

This is a novel way discovered to identify the FB user profile using Facebook photo search, advanced Facebook search or Photo ID search. However Facebook reverse image search varies from the reverse image search Instagram.

About Facebook Image Search

FB image search is an amazing technique used for finding the profiles of Facebook user through Photo ID. Also referred as, Facebook search, Facebook image search or profile search, the method makes use of the search engine to identify the actual profile of the user when you just have name with you. Furthermore, it can also narrow down your search by means of Advanced Search Option.

Facebook search by image is entirely different from that of Google search as social media image search. While Google crawls & indexes the images depending upon Alt text, Facebook picture search considers 3 essential points in order to display image related to the search query. These include:

  • It consider the privacy setting of FB user
  • It display only public pictures
  • It crawl photos depending upon Profile ID

How to search picture on FB

There are various means to search for the pictures on FB, few of them include:

  • typing the keywords on Facebook to get photos based on the query,
  • using a social search engine to find the profile of the user and
  • visiting Facebook People Search to get details of profile and images of users.

However, it is further to be noted that the privacy setting limits the access to FB user account and hence pictures with a public setting will usually appear in the suggested results. If the privacy setting is set by the user as ‘friend’ or ‘friend of a friend’ then it becomes a bit hard to discover the photo unless you are closely linked with the specific person.


Methods to Find Facebook Profile of User With An Image

Method#1. Using Reverse Image Search Engine

Reverse image search Facebook is the powerful means to easily find out the information about the photo. This search helps you to easily discover identical photos from online sites. By uploading the photos on a search engine, you will get similar photos present on the web.

When you use “Search By Image” for uploading photo, it will display all identical photos with the source. If the source URL of the picture is found to be related to Facebook then you can easily find out details relating with the profile.

There are numerous online “Reverse Image Search Engines” available to discover information about the photo.

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  • Google Image Search:
facebook image search
  • Visit Google Images site
  • Find “Camera Icon” in the search bar
reverse image search facebook
  • Now click this icon & upload photo from the device
  • Press enter and wait for the search results
  • It will then show you images corresponding to the photo uploaded
  • RIS Mobile App:

This reverse image search app is available in both Google play store as well as iOS app store.  This application provides you with the best search result via an automated scanning of your photo on multiple search engines to find the exact source. To check the facebook image source, just upload the photos using this smartphone app.

  • TinEye:

Tineye is available for the purpose of reversing image search alone. The steps are quite simple in nature. Just upload the photo or paste URL, and you will be provided with all matching pictures and alongwith the details of their sources.

  • Bing Rev Image Search

This image search too encompasses a similar feature through which you can find the information or find a person by image. Upload the picture on Bing Image Search by clicking ‘Camera Icon’, and you can view all details easily.

Note: Consider in mind that your search results might differ according to the Facebook settings of the user.

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Method#2. Using Facebook ID Number

To discover the profile photo identity obtained from FB account, then follow these methods:

  • Find out file name associated with the picture
  • The image file name will have ‘FB’
  • The file name consists of 3 sets of the number which are separated by periods. Identify the middle number set. For Eg: fbid=909242737837=a.71876258932590358.5432.10472957588&. The underlined part is what you look for. It must not have any decimal
  • This underlined number set is FB profile ID of the user
  • Type the URL “***
  • Replace ‘***’ with profile ID number
  • Hit enter button to see the profile details of FB user

Note: This method has some restrictions depending upon the user Privacy setting. Still, you can try to identify the profile ID.

If you choose this method, then there are plenty of things to consider in mind.

First thing to be noted is that the profile you identified might not be the person in the image. Rather, it might be the originator of the image. It means the profile user might have either posted or reposted the image without considering the subject matter of Image.

Moreover, both Facebook and Instagram name formats will be the same but these steps work only for the images belonging to FB. If the pictures belong to Instagram then it will not work.

Use ‘SearchIsBack’ for Advanced Facebook Search

Search Is Back allows you to discover people with ease by means of school, city, first name, relationship status, and many others. Moreover, you can also search for posts, events, photos as well as other stuff. With the aid of this service, you can effortlessly find out people on Facebook not including complicated search terms. This search facebook profile by the picture tool helps people to find the FB profile details conveniently with limited resource.

Overall Verdict

Thus, facebook image search is considered as the best method to discover information about the FB user using the photo. You can also check whether the photos come either from Facebook or any other website. Suppose, if the photo is taken from FB then you can discover the photo ID easily. Otherwise, you can also use a generic URL to dig upon the right Facebook page.

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