Top Friends On Facebook: Here’s Everything You Must Know

As a general rule, you will find 6 random friends topping someone’s friends list on Facebook. Have you ever wonder why this happen and what makes them appearing on the top while others be below them or not even showing up on the friends tab?

This blog article will provide you a clear understanding of the whole thing about top friends on Facebook appearing on your FB profile. Read through to know more about FB’s algorithm and learn what determines top friends on Facebook.

What Determines Top Friends on Facebook Profile?

While surfing through FB profile you might notice that there are certain friends whose posts and updates will be often precedence over others. Similarly you will also find friends’ suggestions showing up every now and then in between. Again you will surprise to note no common connection or link behind it. So, why it is that way? Here’s an answer for you…

Facebook in point of fact does recognize the people who even have a little of connection with you on Facebook, be it a one-sided association and hence works the things accordingly. You simply have to realize the signs and understand them.

The basic reason why you get to see certain friends on top of someone’s profile is that they are mutual friends be common with that person while other people aren’t. Thus top friends on Facebook depends a lot on number of mutual friend your profile has, however it is not just the only thing. There are other factors as well. Let’s know more about these factors and the algorithms which is used by Facebook to order friends list on someone’s profile.

How does Facebook order Friends on Profile?

If you want to know about the Facebook algorithm to order friends on someone’s FB or Messenger profile, the exact algorithm is always a secret.

It is quite obvious that the mutual friends alongside the people with whom you chat more consistently, are likely to top friends list on Facebook. However, there are certain other factors that are taken into consideration to determine and influence this order by affecting the Facebook algorithm. The few predominant factors are interaction, profile views or clicks, facebook searches, location, time, frequency and so on.

Beside these, as per updated Facebook algorithm, the freshly added friends are displayed on top of friends list. Moreover, tagged photos in common as well as wall posts also have a bearing on how the top friends on FB are ordered.

Summing Up:

Regrettably, you have no control on who appear as top friends on FB since you can’t have any option to order your friends list. Unlike other applications Facebook doesn’t let you to put some selected friends at the top of the list. The platform has its own algorithm to decide the profiles to appear at the top of your friends list and you have to go by it.

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