Does Facebook Notify While Someone Taking Screenshot of Story?

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Auto Following Instagram

{*Solved} How to Stop Instagram Auto Follow Accounts in 2023?

Facebook owned Instagram, commonly known as IG or Insta, a media sharing social networking and community service has grown as one of the most popular and preferred destination for netizens across the globe. Though one can easily stand out on Insta by expressing in new ways with the all latest and unique features offered thereof, the app has its technical … Read more

how to turn off amber alerts

Here is How to turn off Amber Alerts on iPhone or Android in 2023

As a liable civilian you must keep on up to date about unprecedented emergency situation arising or any unexpected & unfortunate event taking place near and/or around you. One of the top suggestions in this regards comes in the form of you enabling government alerts on your iPhone/Android phones. However, your iPhone always ensure that … Read more

How to Find Hidden Videos on Youtube

Secret Trick on How to Find Hidden Videos on YouTube in 2023!

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alibaba shuts down xiami music

Alibaba to Close-down its Music Arm Xiami Music

Alibaba, as a group takes hold of multiple businesses beyond its foundation e-commerce business. The group also functions in sectors like financial services, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. According to recent news, the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba is all set to shut down Xiami Music, a music streaming platform. The online music business unit of the … Read more

twitter breaker

Twitter joins hands with team of podcasting app Breaker

Twitter of late decided to join the likes of Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and others in the hunt to make it big in the world of Podcast. The micro blogging platform in this direction has acquired Breaker, the new generation social podcasting app. The deal is thought of to go underway for an whopping sum, … Read more

vybe together

Apple Bans App Vybe Together! Why? Know the reason here

Apple has invalidated an iPhone app termed as Vybe Together. As the app suggest and offered aid to users to arrange for secret parties that would violate social-distancing rules in many cities. The app is no longer to be had on Apple’s App Store, and its website too was removed. The app’s Instagram profile says “App Store … Read more