AirPods Not Connecting to Mac? Try These Methods

AirPods Not Conneting To Mac

Most of the recent buyers of AirPods come up with a common inquiry about their device not getting connected to Mac. In this regard, there has been a heave of complaint by the users who tried to connect AirPods to Mac only to receive a message ‘AirPods connection rejected’. This blog post will address queries as to why AirPods won’t connect to Mac?, What results in connection failed on Macbook while using AirPods? AirPods are iOS based devices that function on software developed by Apple, while Macbook is being operated by Macintosh OS. In spite of the fact that both of these devices come from the same mother company there are a few technical glitch so as to why AirPods won’t connect to Mac.

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The prime reason for Apple to develop AirPod is to enhance the music listening experience of the iPhone users. As the company has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in its latest iPhones, this led to the necessity of a wireless earphone to enjoy music on these devices.

However, if you have bought the latest AirPods and the same isn’t getting connected with your Macbook then there might be ample of factors that are affecting your music experience. So let’s find out the reason for failure alongside workable methods to connect Airpods to Macbook.

Reasons for Airpods to Macbook Bluetooth Connection Failure:

AirPods not connecting issue may occur due to multiple reasons. The very first and most likely reason can be a hardware problem. Since AirPod uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the main device, you need to check the Bluetooth functionality of both the devices for proper connection. The older generation of Macbook is compatible with Bluetooth technology of its time but the latest AirPods come with high-end modern technology and this may result in AirPods connection failed at the time of pairing the devices.

Another problem which might take place at the time of connecting your AirPod and Mac is the compatibility issue. As both of these gadgets run on diverse software and technology such issues may emerge quite often. However, simple tweaks in the software section will get the job done for you.

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The next reason on the list may be the presence of a bug in either of your devices. If your MacBook Pro or the AirPod is having any bug in the software, it will also prohibit you from enjoying seamless music streaming as in connection gets rejected. Moreover in such cases of software bug you should refrain using devices and visiting an expert should be the right choice as forcing the devices to pair can cause serious damage to your gadgets.

As we have mentioned the likely reasons you may check it by your own that which particular reason is resisting you to pair the devices. Once you successfully detect the problem at your end the chances of fixing the problem may increase and you can try some simple hacks as provided in next section of the article to solve the connecting problem with AirPods with Macbook.

How to Fix AirPods to MacBook Pairing Issue:

Hack 1: Try to force restart both the devices

If your AirPods not showing up and you are facing the issue of connectivity or you are not being able to connect your AirPods to Mac, then the very first thing you should do is restarting both the devices. This will help you to prevent any kind of damage of using the devices forcefully.

To perform force restart, you need to follow simples steps:

  1. Go to the Shut down option.
  2. Apply Shut down to switch off the Macbook.
  3. Unplug the Macbook.
  4. Plug it again and restart.
  5. Shutdown the AirPods.
  6. Re-start them.
  7. Now try to reconnect the devices.

Many of the technical issues can be solved with force restarting. Hence it should be considered in the first place fix the connectivity issue on hand.

Though this isn’t a perfect solution all the time, but restarting your device will protect your gadgets from certain kind of damages. Yet, in case of some serious hardware issue, the force restarting process will not be able to get the job done.

If you have tried your luck with this and the problem still persists, then you can proceed with the next fixing method.

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Hack 2: Update the Macbook Pro:

Well, this may sound a bit irrelevant but it will help you to fix your issue of AirPods not pairing. There are multiple drivers in the operating software responsible for the flawless functionalities including that of the Bluetooth. And due to the congestion or bug in the operating software, the Bluetooth stops working.

For such instance the most effective way to fix a bug is to update your Macbook. This might be a time consuming process which may even be prolonged if the bug is to be reported to Apple and can only be fixed via system update. Soon after the updation process of the Macbook, you must restart the device and try to pair it with the AirPod.

To update your Macbook, you need to follow some basic steps.

  1. Find System Preferences from the Apple menu in the corner of your screen.
  2. Click Software Update.
  3. Click Update Now or Upgrade Now

Note: Update Now will install the latest updates for the currently installed version, while Upgrade Now will install a major new version with a new name

Bugs can affect the functionality of your device and update the device regularly will help you to boost the performance of your device. The best part of updating process is that it will help you to fix other bugs too.

Even after you have updated the device but still not being able to connect your AirPods with Mac then you might try the next solution.

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Hack 3: Try to Connect Manually:

Once you reset the devices working on the old Bluetooth technology, they are not able to recognize the previous Bluetooth connections. Nevertheless, you can easily solve this problem by connecting the Bluetooth of the devices manually.

To connect the Macbook and AirPod manually, you need to follow a few basic steps:

  1. Click the Apple logo on the toolbar and go to settings.
  2. Find the Bluetooth sign and click on that.
  3. Switch on your AirPods.
  4. In the Bluetooth option click on the explore section, and you will see that the AirPods have appeared in the search.
  5. Select AirPods to pair the device manually.

This process is a more secure way to connect your Bluetooth devices, but this process will be only effective if both devices have a functional Bluetooth connection.

Summing Up:

By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your Airpods with your Macbook. If you are still not being able to connect your gadgets, then you must visit an Apple-authorized service centre and register your problem. The experts will help you to get the job done.


What should I do when airpods won’t connect to mac?

If you are unable to connect your airpods to your mac, all you can do is force restart both the devices or update them. You can also try connecting them manually.


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