AirPods Not Connecting to Mac? Try These Methods

airpods won't connect to mac

In recent times, many people having the same query that why won’t my AirPods connect to my mac? This complaint has been launched by the owners who have bought the latest models of AirPod.

AirPods are ios based devices that are being operated by operating software developed by Apple. Similarly, Macbook is also being operated by apple’s iOS, and these devices have been developed by the same mother company. However, the primary reason for Apple to develop AirPod is to enhance the music listening experience of the users who are using iPhones and that is why AirPods won’t connect to mac. In the latest iPhones, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and a wireless earphone is required to enjoy music from the latest i-phones. However, the hardware of Mac is completely different from the apple i-phone. Mac has a 3.5mm jack and it has Bluetooth as well, that is why both the wired and wireless earphones can be connected with a Macbook.

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However, if you have the latest AirPods and your brand new earphone is not getting connected with your existing Macbook then there might be a wide range of factors that are affecting your music experience.

How to connect AirPods to MacBook and the reason for failure?

Well, this AirPods not connecting issue may occur due to a wide range of reasons. The very first reason can be a hardware problem. AirPod is a Bluetooth based device, so it uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the main device. You need to check the functionality of the Bluetooth of both the devices to check the functionality. However, the old Macbooks have old Bluetooth technology and the latest AirPods come with high-end Bluetooth technology and this factor may show that AirPods connection failed at the time of pairing the devices.

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Another issue might take place at the time of connecting your AirPod and Mac is the compatibility issue and that is why AirPods won’t connect to mac. As both of these gadgets run on different software and technology, that is why the compatibility issues might take place. However, simple tweaks in the software section will get the job done for yours.

If your MacBook Pro or the AirPod is having any bug in the software, then you can’t connect AirPods and it will also prohibit you from enjoying seamless music streaming. Often people have seen that due to the presence of a bug in their device will show that AirPods connection rejected. However, if you think the gadgets are having a bug in their software then you should refrain from using them and visiting an expert should be the right decision for yourself. Forcing the devices to pair and functioning can cause serious damage to your gadgets and the repairing cost will burn a hole in your pocket.

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However, once you have successfully detected the problem the chances of fixing the problem get higher. You can try some simple hacks to solve the connecting problem with AirPods with Macbook.

Try to force restart both the devices

If your AirPods not showing up and you are facing the issue of connectivity or you are not being able to connect your MacBook with your AirPods then the very first thing you should do is restarting both the devices. This will help you to prevent any kind of damage of using the devices forcefully.

However, soon you restart both the devices you will be able to see that both the devices have gone to their original settings and in this phase, mac won’t connect to AirPods automatically. Now, your task is to restart both the devices and try to pair them again. To do that, you have to switch on their Bluetooth and heck the visibility of your AirPods on your Macbook.

To perform force restart, you need to follow simples steps:

  1. Go to the shutdown option.
  2. Apply shut down to switch off the Macbook.
  3. Unplug the Macbook.
  4. Plug it again and restart.
  5. Shutdown the air pod.
  6. Re-start the AirPods.
  7. Now try to reconnect the devices.

There is a wide range of problems that can be solved with fore restarting. That is why this is the most common process to fix any connectivity issue and any minor software problem. As soon as you restart your device, it will shut down the operating software and it will also take any software update if needed. However, software updates only take place in the latest devices that are connected with high-speed internet.

Cons of Force Restarting:

Well, there are cons in specific. However, this is not the perfect solution always, but restarting your device will protect your gadgets from any kind of damage. However, in case of any serious hardware issue, the force restarting process will not be able to get the job done.

If you have already done this, and your problem is not fixed yet then you can try the next process.

Update the Macbook Pro:

Well, this step may sound a bit irrelevant but it will help you to fix your issue of AirPods not pairing. The majority of the time, AirPods won’t connect to mac because of an operating software issue. There are multiple drivers in the operating software that is responsible for the seamless operations of different functionality.

The Bluetooth of your Macbook and Airpod is also being operated by such a driver and due to the congestion or bug in the operating software, the Bluetooth stops working.

However, this is the most effective way to fix a bug and you must update your Macbook to fix the issue. However, this step might take some time and you need to wait until the Mackbook is not updated completely.

Soon after updating the Macbook, you must restart the device and try to pair it with the Airpod. To connect your Mac with your Airpod, you need to switch on the Bluetooth in both the devices and wait for pairing.

To update your Macbook, you need to follow some basic steps.

  1. Find the apple logo in the toolbar.
  2. Click the Apple logo and find the setting option.
  3. You will find ‘about this’ option and click on that.
  4. Select the update option.

Pros of Updating Mac:

The best part of this process is it will help you to fix other bugs in your devices. Bugs can affect the functionality of your device and update the device regularly will help you to boost the performance of your device.

Cons of Updating Mac:

Well, the process itself is time-consuming and you also need a fast internet connection to perform this task. This process will not only help you to fix one issue but other bugs as well that are affecting different drivers of the operating system.

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However, if you have already updated your device but still not being able to connect your AirPods with Mac then you might try the next step.

Try to connect manually:

airpods not connecting

Often it has been seen that after restarting the device, it is not able to recognize the devices that have been connected via Bluetooth. However, this problem may occur in the devices that are using the old Bluetooth technology. However, you can easily solve this problem by connecting the Bluetooth of the devices manually. To do that you need to switch on the Bluetooth of the Airpods.

Now, you need to switch on the Bluetooth of your Macbook and search for the device. Once you have found the device you need to choose the pairing option. This process will help you to connect both the devices effectively.

To connect the Macbook and AirPod manually, you need to follow a few basic steps:

  1. Click the Apple logo on the toolbar and go to settings.
  2. Find the Bluetooth sign and click on that.
  3. Switch on your AirPods.
  4. In the Bluetooth option click on the explore section, and you will see that the AirPods have appeared in the search.
  5. Select AirPods to pair the device manually.

Pros of manual connection:

This process is a more secure way to connect your Bluetooth devices. However, this process will be only effective if both devices have a functional Bluetooth connection.

Cons of Manual connection:

This process is a bit time-consuming process, and you need to do the task manually by selecting the options from your Macbook.

By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your Airpods with your Macbook. However, if you are still not being able to connect your gadgets, then you must visit an Apple-authorized service centre and register your problem. The experts will help you to get the job done.


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