[2023] What is OBJ Emoji? Why am I seeing it on Facebook/Snapchat?

While scrolling down your Facebook feeds and posts, there is an obvious chance to catch up small rectangular boxes with OBJ being written within. It could also be a case where you may have posted something fancy with an enthralling emoji or two, but ended up to see an OBJ box the other time you checked this post. If either of that is a recent occurrence you encountered on Facebook then this article is a must-read for you. So, let’s get into it a bit deeper to unveil what exactly is this fuss about the OBJ Emoji on Facebook or Snapchat still in 2023!

What is OBJ on Facebook or Snapchat?

OBJ, may sound something unusual to you at the very first instance, but it isn’t something to be confused or worried about. OBJ is actually an acronym for ‘object replacement character’, and in very simple words, it’s a denotation for object. Technically putting, each and everything that exist on the web is nothing but an object in itself and OBJ is just a placeholder for object that can’t be displayed on the screen at that time.

Why Do You See Facebook OBJ Symbol?

The OBJ box only appears up when a certain character input from one software isn’t recognizable by the software that your device currently uses. As in such cases where software doesn’t know how to display an object you get to see a placeholder. Though the Unicode (Universal Code of Characters) was designed so as to overcome such technical glitch yet it can’t completely fix the issue. OBJ symbol on Facebook still may be encountered and there could be three probable reasons for this:

Let’s discuss these reasons one by one to get a better understanding:

Software Bug

The first and foremost reason of OBJ symbol be some bugs in the software. The OBJ error is mostly seen on iOS devices, but if you are experiencing it even on Android, then it likely that your software have technical issues. As a result, during insertion of emojis or some text, the image or character could have got damaged or corrupted.

The best way to deal with this issue is by updating the Facebook app, as well as font libraries. If that doesn’t work, then you should update the Operating System of your device.

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Use of Voice-To-Text Function (iPhone)

If you are an iPhone User and uses Voice-To-Text Function to narrate content for your Facebook comments, posts, etc. the Apple Translator takes in account some characters which can’t be read or displayed up by Facebook. This ultimately result into OBJ error.

It is solely a software issue on iOS devices and you can’t do much about that.

Updating of Apple’s Emoji Library

Another reason behind the display of OBJ symbol is a process of updating emoji library by Apple. The people who haven’t updated character library on their iPhone, may not be able to see the new emojis. Also it has even been noticed that the new, updated and rolled out emojis of Apple seem to appear up as OBJ on Android, due to the lack of technical compatibility.


We have solved the mystery of OBJ symbol and help you understand the root causes of OBJ emoji appearing on your Facebook feeds. We hope that you are now aware of what is OBJ on Facebook and how you can go on tackling the issue as it isn’t something to worry about. If you still have queries and are curious to know more, do write us in the comments section.


What is the obj Emoji?

The rectangle box emoji or OBJ emoji is an emoji that is displayed by an app or website when you receive a message or post with an unrecognizable emoji. It helps the code of app or website functional and bug free.

Why does OBJ appear on Snapchat?

OBJ appears on Snapchat when there is something that application can not parse. For more details on OBJ, refer to the above article.

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