What is OBJ on Facebook? OBJ Emoji Mystery Finally Revealed

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If you have been seeing Facebook posts filled up with small rectangular boxes with OBJ being written inside it, then this article is a must-read for you. It could also be that you may have uploaded a post with an emoji or two, and when you, later on, checked your post, you find that in place of the emoji/s, the OBJ box is displayed up. So, what’s exactly happened? What’s this fuss about the OBJ emoji? Let’s check out.

What is OBJ on Facebook?

OBJ, may sound something out of the box at first, but it isn’t something to be confused about. OBJ stands for object replacement character, and in very simple words, it’s a denote for object. Each and everything that’s out there on the web is nothing more but an object in itself. OBJ emoji is a placeholder in Unicode. Whenever you see an OBJ box, understand that it’s a mere representation of an object that can’t be displayed up on the screen.

Why Do You See Facebook OBJ Symbol?

It’s true that Unicode was designed so that you don’t have to see OBJ emoji on Facebook, but you don’t know the whole scenario yet. The OBJ box only appears up when a certain character of another software isn’t recognizable by the present software. Probably, that’s the reason OBJ is called as object replacement character. The software that you are using, doesn’t know how to display an object, and that’s why you get to see a placeholder.

Let’s find out why the above situation is being unfolded for you:

Software Bug

The problem of OBJ symbol is mostly seen on iOS devices, but if you are experiencing it even on Android, then it could probably be some bugs in the software. Somehow during insertion of emojis or some text, the image or character could have got damaged or corrupted. The best way to deal with this issue is by updating the Facebook app, and font libraries. If that doesn’t fix up the issue, then you should update the device’s OS.

Using Voice-To-Text Function (iPhone)

Whenever you narrate content for your Facebook comments, posts, etc, the Apple Translator takes in account some characters which can’t be read or displayed up by Facebook. In short, this is a software issue on iOS devices.

Apple Updates Emoji Library

Apple is known for its updates in various departments, in this case, emoji library. So, the people who haven’t updated their character library on their iPhone, may not be able to see the new emojis. At times, it has even been noticed that the new, updated and rolled out emojis of Apple seem to appear up as OBJ emoji on Android softwares, due to the lack of equivalent availability.


That being said, we hope that you are now aware of what is OBJ on Facebook and how you can go on tackling the issue of OBJ emoji appearing up on Facebook posts. If you have any more queries, drop in the comments section and lastly, share up the article with your friends, so they know that OBJ emoji isn’t something to worry about.

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