Introducing Skype call recording – now you can save your memories forever

Microsoft has announced the availability of call recording for its Skype users on Android, iOS and Mac platforms. The built-in feature focuses on video calls, and Skype ensures to combine all participants’ video streams. For example, if it’s a two-person call, a split screen view of the call would be displayed during recording. The feature … Read more


Want to read deleted messages on WhatsApp? Here is a complete guide

Some time back WhatsApp added ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature using which sender could delete the already delivered message. But what if someone still wants to read that message? Many users wanted the delete sent message option in WhatsApp. Hence, Whatsapp added this feature recently and now it has also extended the time limit to delete … Read more


What’s the Difference Between Windows OEM and Retail License Key

The biggest dilemma for the buyersprior to purchase of a product/machine/system or utility is various doubts arising at the time of selection,mostly related to its price, operating cost, maintainability or service cost, durability and reliability. The market offers a varied range of makes or brands made available through different routes of sales. All these are … Read more


5 Effective Techniques To Make Your Wi-Fi Router Work Faster Than Before

In the modern world, everyone prefers the internet to surf different things and no one prefers to surf the internet with slow Wi-Fi. Due to the increasing needs there are many companies also introduce high-speed Wi-Fi options even make claims of superfast speeds, but in some cases, users also experience slow internet speeds. The speed … Read more


Know the procedure to set up and secure your payments on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a Facebook owned app has recently introduced one of the biggest and significant feature know as WhatsApp Payments, which is a UPI-based payment method. Here’s how to set up WhatsApp Payments and thus send or receive money. WhatsApp Payments was announced recently rolled out for Indian users after being launched in February this year. … Read more


What is Gorilla Glass and How to protect from Damage and Scratch

Take your smartphone and touch its display. It is crystal-clear, resilient and amazingly smooth. Possibilities are that smartphone is properly protected by Gorilla Glass. It is a big question among smartphone users What is Gorilla Glass and how to protect it from scratch and damage? Let’s see the explanation of Gorilla glass. About Gorilla Glass … Read more


The Best Password Manager 2018 – Free and Paid for Desktop and Mobiles

A password manager is a most important and very first step in securing your online identity with ease. First of all, people use Best password manager to increase the strength of the passwords because it is really essential for eliminating issues related to accounts. However, this will remember those passwords for the users. Generally, a password manager … Read more

Do you really need antivirus or security apps for your android?

Android is one of the widely-used and popular operating systems across the world. It means that having the finest antivirus tools and even security apps for this operating system on your smartphone is essential. This is because often the operating systems of Google are highly targeted by malware and virus. It is important to have … Read more

Does Your Android Phone Reboots Repeatedly Here Is Why

You are about to receive a call and your Android smartphone gets a reboot. All set to click a selfie and suddenly phone restarts. You are in the middle of reading an important report on the phone and it boots up. You are listening to your favourite music and your smart Android phone keeps rebooting. … Read more