Why Is The ‘QWERTY’ Keyboard Not Arranged Alphabetically?

For decades we’ve all been using the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard as a standard, but we have never thought why the keys are arranged in that seemingly random order and not in an alphabetical manner. We use the keyboard every day either with desktop, or laptop, or tablet or smartphone. But have you ever questioned as to … Read more


10 Best Download Manager Apps for Android you should not miss

Download managers apps are special programs and browser extensions that help in downloading large data as they should in an organized manner. They can even speed up the download process by downloading your item from multiple sources at once. Also, they often support pausing and resuming of downloads. Here are 10 best download manager apps which you … Read more


ZestMoney: Your easiest loan sanction online store

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whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp Stickers: Know how to download and use it in chats

Last week WhatsApp launched the much-awaited stickers option for its Android and iOS users. This option is live with iOS version 2.18.100. In the coming weeks, it will be available in other Android versions. Users will be getting sticker packs in conversations, similar to other instant messaging apps. One has to tap the emoji icon … Read more

Know All about Flipkart Plus and gaining its Membership

The two giant e-commerce players, Flipkart and Amazon, has reached the peak of their competition. Flipkart has started with its membership program Flipkart Plus to compete with Amazon Prime in the Indian market. What is Flipkart Plus? It is a loyalty program through Flipkart that customers can subscribe to at free of cost. Through this … Read more


How to send WhatsApp message without adding contact

Almost everyone who uses a smartphone knows the main purpose of Whatsapp. The instant messaging app performs a major function of sending a message to your contacts. However, having a number saved in your contacts is not necessary. Here we explain how you can send messages on WhatsApp without first saving the contact in your … Read more


Best Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Cloud Storage App has facilitated the Android Smartphone users to store a large amount of data. Not only can one access the data from any geographical area but also has no device constraints. Besides, your Android Smartphone refrains from any disturbances due to the storage space issue. There are several available free Cloud Storage Apps … Read more


All you need to know about Whatsapp Group Calling

Hey people, group calling is finally launched on Whatsapp. It can be done with up to four people. This feature was announced by WhatsApp during last May at the annual F8 developer conference. Now the feature has become completely live and is available on both Android and iOS. Following are the facts to be noted … Read more


Simple Steps To Run Android Apps Inside Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers on the desktop. The company has launched a project of beta application runtime for chrome. This project is designed for the developers to run their Android applications on chrome browser. It enables the integration of advanced functions in browser and applications. Today, you can run … Read more