Best SoundCloud alternatives to upload and share music

Soundcloud since long has helped various artists in uploading their music tracks and thus making them possible to connect with their listener fans. However, let me tell you a reason why SoundCloud has got an alternative even though it is a very good application. The reason is that many users and artists all over the … Read more

Best Ways to Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos to Gallery

Few years back all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram launched a ‘Story’ feature in their apps. This new feature took the social media platforms by a storm and people still love posting more of such status.WhatsApp allows users to post pictures and videos to their status but the question … Read more

avoid phishing from online hackers

Easy Ways To Avoid Phishing from Online Hackers

A rise in cyber attacks has made the internet a very risky place. Recently the corporate had to suffer a lot due to an attack of WannaCry Ransomware attack and NotPetya. This raises a question: How any user can protect themselves from such attacks and hackers wrong practices? Let us find out some amazing tips … Read more


Facebook introduces 3D photos: Learn how to create and share them

Facebook has started rolling out a new feature called 3D photos that capture an additional layer of depth to give images a third-dimension in both feed and VR mode.This feature captures the distance between the foreground and background to bring lifelike sense with depth and movement. This feature is currently available on Apple iPhones starting … Read more

flash sale

Flash Sale: Existence of this business model in today’s era

E-Commerce industry is incomplete without flash sales. This popular promotional strategy has found their way into India since long. Consumers are eager to know about upcoming sales. Thus, flash sale is believed to be the perfect combination of what consumers need i.e. good prices in limited time. About Flash Sale In simple terms flash sales … Read more


13 Best Bluestacks Alternative You Should Use

Android emulators are a very known concept now, and thus many people still prefer to run Android apps on their desktop/laptop devices. Thus, the first known Android emulator in the market was bluestacks. In this article, we have a list of Bluestacks Alternative So what exactly Bluestack is? Bluestack is an Android emulator which is … Read more


10 Best Wish list apps for android and iOS

In today’s digital world, online shopping has become a high trend among the masses. You get a wide variety of clothes, books, gadgets, accessories and what not to gift your family members. With this objective, there are various best wish list app which have been created to present your loved ones the perfect gift. These … Read more


9 Best Wunderlist Alternatives You Should Use

Some time back Microsoft had planned to discontinue the most popular app called Wunderlist. Wunderlist lets you keep track of all the lists in a much simpler way. One could create lists of points to be discussed in meetings or things required for travel or holidays. This is the reason why many users were disappointed … Read more


What is Akamai Netsession client? should you remove it?

Many times your PC pops up with a notification regarding Akamai Netsession. So what exactly is Akamai Netsession or Akamai Netsession client? The interface, Akamai NetSession can be stated as an advanced tool which gives you a complete experience of download with ease. You can download application, data and media downloads from various sources. For … Read more


Understand the difference between RAM and ROM

In the computer, we have different types of memory which help in storage of data. One is the hard drive which stores primary data, and on the other hand, we have the RAM and ROM which are for the purpose of internal computer memory. Different Types of Memory which Computer has: Random Access Memory (RAM) … Read more