Best Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

You love watching your favourite movie online on a larger and brighter screen on your Android Phone. You love playing games on your Android phone because it has faster quad-core processors, but hold on! Your battery is draining! Regardless of the phone, you hold, from the latest Samsung S9+ or One Plus 6, the battery … Read more

windows modern driver

Know Everything About Windows Modern Drivers?

Meet the latest feature of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update – the Windows Modern Drivers otherwise recognized as Universal Windows Drivers. It takes benefit of the UWP set-up inside Windows 10. It has empowered developers to make a single driver package that would execute on several form factors comprising computers, laptops, tablets, and upcoming devices. There … Read more

liquid cooling technology

What Is Liquid Cooling Technology And How Does It Work?

The world these days is gadget friendly. Mobile handsets, Notepads, Personal Computers and Laptops are the most used gadgets. Earlier mobile handsets were used for receiving and connecting calls. Though with the advanced features they are now used as a camera, audio-visual instrument. But, the more featured phone it is the more heat it generates. … Read more


5 Best Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

English is the third-most-spoken language in the world by a number of native speakers. It is the authorized language of fifty three nations. Being spoken by approx. 400 million persons all over the world; learning English is the need of the hour. The British Council predicts by 2020 two billion people in the world will … Read more


Best Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Cloud Storage App has facilitated the Android Smartphone users to store a large amount of data. Not only can one access the data from any geographical area but also has no device constraints. Besides, your Android Smartphone refrains from any disturbances due to the storage space issue. There are several available free Cloud Storage Apps … Read more


Here is everything you need to know about Redmi Note 6 Pro

Redmi Note 6 series has gained much popularity among the users because of its stunning features and configurations. In this year, Redmi mobile had a great impact by new arrival models and revealed on benchmark today. After the release of Redmi Note 5 and 6, many rumours have been spread among the users. It might … Read more


5 Effective Techniques To Make Your Wi-Fi Router Work Faster Than Before

In the modern world, everyone prefers the internet to surf different things and no one prefers to surf the internet with slow Wi-Fi. Due to the increasing needs there are many companies also introduce high-speed Wi-Fi options even make claims of superfast speeds, but in some cases, users also experience slow internet speeds. The speed … Read more


What is Gorilla Glass and How to protect from Damage and Scratch

Take your smartphone and touch its display. It is crystal-clear, resilient and amazingly smooth. Possibilities are that smartphone is properly protected by Gorilla Glass. It is a big question among smartphone users What is Gorilla Glass and how to protect it from scratch and damage? Let’s see the explanation of Gorilla glass. About Gorilla Glass … Read more

Newly introduced Poco F1 with the best features and killer price

Recently, Xiaomi has launched the mid-range and budget-oriented smartphone market in India. With more number of features, the Xiaomi has launched the Poco F1 to enter the flagship market using the best subsidiary POCO. Poco is the new sub-brand created by the famous Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi to cater enthusiast crowd. Below are some of the … Read more


Everything you should learn about Artificial Intelligence and its working

Artificial intelligence is a well-known technology that can be considered as the method of making a software, computer or computer-controlled robot think intelligently. It is accomplished by learning the thinking ability of the human brain.  This study also covers how humans work, learn and decide while solving their problems. The results of this study are … Read more