Best Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

You love watching your favourite movie online on a larger and brighter screen on your Android Phone. You love playing games on your Android phone because it has faster quad-core processors, but hold on! Your battery is draining! Regardless of the phone, you hold, from the latest Samsung S9+ or One Plus 6, the battery … Read more


Tutorial: How to use Second Space in feature in Xiaomi smartphone

Second Space feature on Xiaomi smartphones allows creating a separate space on your smartphone to keep anything like personal photos, files, apps, other multimedia etc. Xiaomi introduced the ‘Second Space’ feature with its MIUI 10 update and a couple of years later, the feature is back with MIUI 10 Stable ROM which has been rolled … Read more


How to Fix “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” Error in Android

The number of internet and android phone users in India has increased by leaps and bounds. Android phones and smart-phones have changed the lives of common people. These android phones provide a lot of features which can be used in day to day lives of the people. People can take pictures, record the videos, play … Read more

liquid cooling technology

What Is Liquid Cooling Technology And How Does It Work?

The world these days is gadget friendly. Mobile handsets, Notepads, Personal Computers and Laptops are the most used gadgets. Earlier mobile handsets were used for receiving and connecting calls. Though with the advanced features they are now used as a camera, audio-visual instrument. But, the more featured phone it is the more heat it generates. … Read more