Best Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

You love watching your favourite movie online on a larger and brighter screen on your Android Phone. You love playing games on your Android phone because it has faster quad-core processors, but hold on! Your battery is draining! Regardless of the phone, you hold, from the latest Samsung S9+ or One Plus 6, the battery life is a problem.


One couldn’t blame only the software that runs in the background or due to the LTE variety that is sucking all the battery life. It could be due to a number of reasons that your Android phone’s battery is being sucked out. There are solutions to curtail the battery drain!

Here are quick android battery saving tips to enhance the battery life of your android phone.

Decrease The Polling On Emails, And Other Social Media Accounts:

Social media accounts on Android Phones are handy, they are easily accessible and you can scroll through every now and then. But to optimize the battery duration of your phone, set the messaging apps to manual mode.


The manual mode will help you extend your phone’s battery life by leaps and bounds. The manual mode will refrain from automatic polling and refreshing it. You can set your polling frequency for the social accounts that are vividly used, such as the Facebook or Instagram.

Check Your Connectivity Features On The Android Phone:

When you are travelling or in a mood where you won’t need certain features like the Bluetooth or the GPS or Wi-Fi, it is good to inactivate them.

They are massive battery suckers. It has been seen that more than cellular services, it is the Wi-Fi that is drained faster. People invariably keep the Wi-Fi or GPS or even Bluetooth feature on, these features keep doing their part of the job, and their fuel is- BATTERY! Thus, unnecessarily a lot of energy is wasted and the result is a low battery charge.

Getting Rid Of The Apps That Are Draining Your Android Phone

There are several apps on the Android Phone that simply tend to extract the battery at large. You need to keep a track of these apps and if possible get rid of them at the earliest.

To do so, go to settings and then the battery. As you scroll down, you will find the list of apps in increasing order that is exhausting the battery of your Android Phone the most.

It is best recommended to get rid of those apps that are not required. You can enable them later as per your requirement.

Use Android Battery Optimization App

There are several android battery optimization app that helps your battery from draining out. Like the Hibernator. This app stops the wake locks, the apps that prevent the phone from going to sleep mode.

So if you are looking to stop even your alarm system as you think it is quenching its thirst from your battery, Amplify helps to stop the functionality of the Android Phone hence. It is free to download and easy to operate.

Greenify– This particular app helps to put the apps in hibernation that is extracting the battery life. By doing so, the ever so greedy apps cannot access any resources or run in the background. This means, whenever you wish to run the app you can. It will give you the notifications of important apps too like that of an alarm clock or messenger etc.

Take The Advantage Of Android’s Built-In-Power-Saving Feature

To make your Android phone work in the built-in –power-saving feature, you must but your phone on saves battery mode.

By doing so it will stop the location services, any kind of background transfers and vibration alerts. The idea is to cut short on those apps that you may not feel the need. You are at home for the next 8 hours; will you need the GPS or the location service on? Think about it!

Brighter The Screen, More The Battery Drain

It is a fabulous experience to watch a movie on the bright screen. But if your phone isn’t in use, turn down the lights.

One of the major reasons for battery drain is this. As an android battery charging tips it is best to turn down the brightness level when you think except for calls you do not have much to do with your Android phone right now.

Check If Your Apps Are Updated

It may sound ridiculous but the fact is your applications on the Android Phone must be updated. Up-to-date apps use less battery power.

There are many apps that take automatic updates while there are many that need you to do it manually in order to install the updates. You can check the updates of your app by going to Google Play and check the ‘My Apps’ tab.

Poor Range Signal Strength Drains The Battery

It is natural that you may hit an area where the cellular service coverage is the least. In such a situation your phone tries to get harder to get connectivity.

It worsens the situation making the battery of your Android Phone completely drained. As a suggestion it is ideal to keep your Phone in Airplane mode as neither you do not have the connectivity nor can the Wi-Fi range, carrying a phone that is on the verge of dying only make the situation poorly.

About Carrying A Battery Case Or A Power Back Up!

Presently there are battery cases and power backups available. The job of the battery case is to combine the hardware enclosure and in turn protecting the phone with an extended battery life.

Of course, you will have to take a look at the kind of power case that will suit the compatibility of your phone. You can also take along power banks that help to a great deal. Nevertheless, it’s additional equipment that has to be carried these days the power banks are sleek and stylish too.

The above were few tips on battery optimization in Android and how you could you refrain from draining it out. Try practicing it so; it is bound to be useful.

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