AirPods Not Conneting To Mac

AirPods Not Connecting to Mac? Try These Methods

Most of the recent buyers of AirPods come up with a common inquiry about their device not getting connected to Mac. In this regard, there has been a heave of complaint by the users who tried to connect AirPods to Mac only to receive a message ‘AirPods connection rejected’. This blog post will address queries … Read more

Ex-Apple Employee Charged

Ex-Apple Employee Accused of Allegedly Defrauding

Reuters reported that a U.S. employee of Apple was charged with defrauding the company out of over $10 million in several schemes. The defendant, Dhirendra Prasad, has been charged with five criminal counts after he took advantage of his position at Apple’s supply chain. He was fired in December of 2018 following 10 years at … Read more

How to check AppleCare

How To Check AppleCare: A Handy Guide

If you want to know about warranty status of your iPhone or planning to buy an extended AppleCare protection plan for you device, here’s how to check AppleCare. This article covers every aspect of the service including how to check for your AppleCare Warranty Status and other related topics. About AppleCare: Apple surely is one of … Read more

Is someone blocked you on iMessage

iMessages Won’t Deliver: Is Someone blocked you on iMessage?

In case you have sent a text someone and don’t obtain any response, instead you are getting the “iMessage Not Delivered” error, or try enabling SMS texts on your iPhone. Never jump to the conclusion that you are blocked. Though, there is quite a high possibility of the same, in the majority of circumstances your … Read more

How To Customize Sleep Mode In iOS 14 On iPhone

How To Customize Sleep Mode In iOS 14 On iPhone

An iPhone comes bundled with plentiful advanced features that go along its brand value. The iPhones with iOS14 and later versions have an inbuilt Health app ‌to ensure users’ physical well-being. In addition to that Apple has added a Sleep Mode in iPhone which not only keeps an eye on sleeping schedule of users but … Read more

Messenger not working on iPhone

Messenger Not Working On iPhone? Here’s The Fix!

Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly one of the greatest social media messaging services out there. Though, no matter how great it is, there are always technical issues that may arise in the tool. Lately, the FB Messenger issues have been a lot common on iOS devices. Right from messages not loading to messages not being sent, … Read more


Apple to curtail App Store Fees for iOS Developers

Apple, a front-running innovative technology company, is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. In a recent update from Apple, iOS Developers were announced to be benefited by the company’s new App Store Small Business Program. As per Apple Insider reports, an official mail from Apple is being sent to an estimated 98% of eligible … Read more