Know How Many Times Someone Views Your Snapchat Story


How Many Times Someone Views Your Snapchat Story: In this page, you are going to know what happens when you see someone’s Snapchat story for more than once. It is a famous question asked by plenty of Snapchat users.


Here is the detailed answer for the user queries. Snapchat had included its stories feature before few years and it facilitates you to view what your friends do on a regular basis. In Snapchat, some people will post unwanted stores and some people will post interesting stories so you might like to view their story more than once. Thus, read this article fully to know about Snapchat story view more than once.

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Replaying Snapchat story again

After watching a story completely, you can press the replay button found in the story section to view someone’s story again. In other means, you can find for the individual’s name, press their name & click the circle towards the left to see their story again. Follow this instruction to snapchat replay story.

What happens when you see snapchat story?


Whenever you see a story on snapchat app, it will tend to count “how many times you view someone’s snapchat story” on their publisher side. Snapchat will get detailed lists of people who have viewed snapchat story of others from the time when they uploaded it.

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If you see your friend’s story for less amount of time then snapchat will not count this because it knows very well that you are interested in a specific person account. As a result, it will not credit the publisher that you have viewed their snapchat because it knows very well that you were not interested in their content.

Another important thing noticed by the publisher is that when you view someone’s snapchat story whether you screen record or screenshot their story. When you screen record someone’s story, you will be provided with star emoji next to your name. When you screenshot someone’s snapchat story, then the app will show the star symbol. You cannot able to identify the difference when someone screen records your story or someone screenshots your story.

Snapchat Indicates People That You Have Viewed Their Story Twice

In the earlier version of snapchat platform, there was the best way to inform whether someone has viewed your story twice. For that, you need to spend some time to check for the people who had viewed your story many times whenever you post a story. It could be accomplished by viewing your friend’s list.

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Keep in mind that there were numerous emojis which are placed next to specific names of people on your friend’s list. For instance, the emoji of birthday cake will be placed next to the people who celebrate the birthday. When you see the star emoji placed next to someone’s name then it means that they had viewed your story twice or more than that. When someone has viewed your snapchat story more than once then you can easily discover it. But in the later updates, snapchat started to make its app highly secretive which results in removing this feature.

Can Others See When You Look At Their Snapchat Story More Than Once

Unfortunately, there are no other means to know whether anyone in your snapchat friends has seen your story more than once. With latest snapchat, you need to press someone’s name & click at the left circle to see their story. After some time, they can able to view under their published snapchat story that you have viewed their story without details of how many times you viewed it for.

Due to this reason, you can able to view that someone has seen your 2nd or 3rd story & not the first snapchat story. It is the reason because they might not have seen the story for a specific number of times. Someone can able to identify that you have viewed snapchat twice but not their story. It is because of the reason that snapchat will inform them that you have replayed their snap more than once.

Overall Verdict

From these above topics, you might come to a conclusion regarding how many times someone has viewed your snapchat story. You can also replay someone’s story with the help of above-mentioned instructions. The publisher has facilitated you to know whether someone has seen your story more than once.

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