[2023] How Many Times Someone Views Your Snapchat Story?


Ever since Snapchat was introduced in 2011, the application has managed a consistent growth in its user-base all because of distinct features, one of which is Snapchat story. Snapchat has integrated its stories feature a few years back which helps Snappers to view what their friends are doing on a regular basis. While using Snapchat stories, some people post unwanted stuff on their timeline, few others post interesting stories that might catch viewer’s attention compelling them to watch that particular Snapchat story more than once. If you have a Snapchat profile, this quite obviously leaves you in anxiety that who viewed your snapchat story more than once or can you see how many times someone viewed your snapchat story?

Well responding to all such curiosities, this blog post will let you know what happens when you see someone’s Snapchat story for more than once and on the contrary making you understand on tracing how many times someone views your Snapchat story.

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What are Snapchat Stories?

Similar to its closest rival Facbook’s Instagram, Snapchat users are provided with a feature that allows them to post images and videos to a timeline. These stuffs last for a timeframe of 24 hours, before getting auto vanished. Depending on user’s privacy settings, Snapchat stories can be viewed by anyone who is added to your Friends list, or by a specific few (in case of private stories). You can hastily make a change to the settings subject to who can view your Snapchat story. You have the option to choose among everyone or my friends, and you can even create a custom list for snapchat story viewers.

Beside this you can also snapchat story views, as well as who are those friends who have seen your snap story. However in case of video stories, if a person only views a part of the story and close it before the finish, they will not show up on the viewer’s list until the complete story being watched by them may be at some other time.

How To Tell If Someone Viewed Your Snapchat Story More Than Once

how many times someone views your snapchat story

It is a frequently asked question by a number of Snapchat users that whether they can identify for Snapchat story view more than once or not.

As an answer to this question, there exists no specific method which can let you know about your story being viewed multiple times. But still you can manage to get information on whether your story was viewed again or not, and by whom. For doing so you are required to use a weird trick. However this trick does not tell how many times your story was viewed by the same person as there is no possible way for that so far.

In order to find out if someone has viewed your story more than once, you need to keep track of your viewer’s list and make comparisons of current list to an earlier one. As Snapchat generates the viewer’s list based on recent views and it keeps populating in the same manner, you can easily identify a person who has viewed your story again if the person’s name tends to appear on top in your later viewer’s list.

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Replay Snapchat Story

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After viewing a story for once if you wish to rewatch/replay a Snapchat story, you can press the replay button found in the story section to view someone’s story again. Alternatively, you can search for the individual’s profile, go to their name & click the circle towards the left to view their story again.

Can User Get To Know If You Replay A Snapchat Story

Till now Snapchat hasn’t provided any means by which someone can find out if you have replayed a particular story posted by them considering the fact that it amounts to a violation of privacy as per the app. It merely makes a single count per person irrespective of how many times a person run over the same story. Hence, if you replay someone’s story even multiple times, then there’s no way that they can find out on how many times you have replayed it.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Taken A Screenshot Of Your Story

When someone screenshots your story, you won’t receive a notification rather it shows a screenshot icon against the name of person who has taken screenshot of your story. You need to keep an eye on your story viewers’ list to find out who has taken screenshot of your story.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Taken A Screenshot Of Your Snapchat Story

To Wrap-up

This is how one can tell which friend had viewed their Snapchat story more than once or how many times someone views your Snapchat story? Hope you find it handy. We will update this page if Snapchat comes up with a more reliable way or advance feature to trace who all have viewed your snapchat story multiple times given the exact number of count.


Is there a way to find how many times someone views your Snapchat Story?

There are some tricky ways to find out if someone is viewing your story more than once on Snapchat. Find the way here in this article.

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