How To Reset Your Fitbit Blaze and Wipe All Data in 2023

If you own a Fitbit Blaze and all of sudden it has stopped working or is having problems with syncing to your device, it could be some software issue. Trying to reset your watch might solve this issue. But, worry not you don’t have to take it to a repair shop to get reset done. As today we will guide you on how to reset your Fitbit blaze and wipe all data from your watch.

But in cases when a restart does not work, resetting Fitbit blaze is the only way.

Here are the steps to be followed to factory reset Fitbit blaze, known as hard reset:

  • First, you need to start the charging. For this, attach the charging cable to the Fitbit blaze, and the other end needs to be plugged into a USB port.
  • Next, press and hold the side buttons for approximately two seconds. Do not let go the fingers from the button.
  • Keep pressing the button, until you remove the charging cable from the blaze.
  • After removing the cable, you will have to wait for seven to nine seconds more.
  • Now release the button and hold it again. You will find there are series of screen flashing.
  • Once you see the screen that shows Vibe or you feel some vibration, just release the button and once again hold it.
  • After you see “ERROR” on the screen, press the button and hold it till you see the “ERASE” on the screen.
  • Now release the button so that blaze gets turned off.
  • To turn on the blaze again, you have to press the button or attach the charging cable and note you have to plug the other end of it.
  • The blaze has successfully rested if the time on it shows 0:00.

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There can be many types of problems in Fitbit Blaze and we are going to discuss all of them with their solution.

Problems in connecting with other devices through Bluetooth

People need to check whether the Bluetooth is switched on in both devices. If a connection cannot be made despite this, people need to change factory settings so that connection can be made. They may also go for factory reset Fitbit blaze. People can After changing the settings, people have to restart their smartwatch and then press the Back button for at least ten seconds. The button should be released after the appearance of the logo of Fitbit Blaze.

Random Vibrations

People can feel vibrations even though there are no calls or messages. The reasons behind these problems are discussed here.

The tracker may not be syncing

If the tracker is not syncing, this can cause random vibrations. In such a case, users should restart the device. Press the Back and Select buttons simultaneously and continuously for ten seconds and they will see the Fitbit logo. People can do a hard reset to resolve the problem. The problems that will be fixed are as follows.

  • Non-responsiveness of tracker when a user swipes or taps the device
  • Despite being fully charged, the tracker is not switching on.
  • Steps are not being tracked by the tracker

The problem in vibration motor

If the vibration motor of the device is damaged, it can also cause random vibrations. In such a case, replace the motor is the best option.

Unresponsiveness of the screen

There can be a problem of screen unresponsiveness when a user swipes, taps, or perform any other action on the screen.

Boot up may not have been done properly

The problem with screen unresponsiveness can occur because the system may not have been booted up properly. Users need to restart the system to boot up the device properly. After booting is done, users have to press the Back and Select button for ten seconds and release them after the appearance of the Fitbit logo. If this does not work, resetting Fitbit blaze is the other option.

System update

A tracker may not have been updated and the current version has become outdated. In such a case, a system update is required. To update the system, people need to tap Select Account and then look for the Update Tracker button. Now, this button has to be clicked for updating the system. The Update Tracker button will work only if there is an update available else it will be disabled. The distance between the tracker and the smartphone should be close so that there is no interruption during the update.

Screen damage

If a system update is not working, there can be a problem on the screen and it should be replaced.

Battery life is not good

Battery life can be a big problem because the usage of many apps can drain it quickly. Here are the solutions for the problem.

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Contact should be cleared

People need to check the place in the tracker, which comes in contact with the charger. People need to clear a Fitbit blaze so that charging can be done easily.

Features should be disabled or removed

There are many features available in the device, which are seldom used. Some of them are not used at all. Such features should be disabled. To do this job, people need to access the settings menu and disable the unused features.

The battery may not be in good condition

There can be situations when all the methods applied do not work. This will denote that the battery is not in good condition and it should be replaced.

Know how to restart Fitbit blaze follow these steps:

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