What does mean User Not Found in Instagram


Most of the Instagram users usually face an error “User not found” when searching for someone’s profile at Instagram. During such circumstances, people think that the user might have blocked the profile but it is not the case. Actually, there are few meanings left behind the error “Instagram says user not found”. Here are some important things mentioned below regarding why the error “User not found” occurs.

The user might have changed their username


The main reason why the error “account not found” occurs on someone’s account is that they might have changed their username recently. You know very well that Instagram user can able to change their username anywhere and anytime.

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This error will take place when you click the old username on the tagged image. If the username is not same then you will find “User not found” error at the top of the Instagram Profile Account. However, you can also find the user by searching with the help of their real names or else search in the follower’s lists of mutual friends.

The user might temporarily disable their Instagram account

The user might have temporarily disabled their Instagram Profile. By doing this, Instagram will remove the account of a user from the public database so others cannot view one’s profile data. The only way to see others profile is when the user unblock their account.

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User account might be suspended/banned

The third reason for getting “Instagram blocked” error message is that when the user does not follow the guidelines of Instagram or users spam message for his followers. During such a situation, Instagram bans user account. If they try to get their Instagram account back then you will not see the error message at the top.

How To Find If Someone Blocked You On Instagram?


If you want to know whether someone blocked you on Instagram then you must read these steps. To clarify your doubts on the user not found Instagram am I blocked, here are detailed instructions.

  • When you click at someone’s username to view their profile, you will not find the message “User not found” instead you will view “No Posts Yet”. It is because of the reason that Instagram will not allow you to view their videos and images.
  • When you get a blank white screen with username then it is well understood that you are blocked definitely.
  • When someone blocks you then it is very hard to get their account again. The only way to find their Instagram account is by looking through a post they commented on. By this way, you can able to view their username.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?

  • When you block someone on Instagram then the user will not get any notification regarding you have blocked them
  • The earlier likes and comments from that specific user on your Instagram posts will disappear
  • The Instagram Direct message with the user you blocked will be eliminated at both ends.
  • The blocked user will be removed from your follower list
  • You can search, find as well as view the profile of the person whom you have blocked.

Overall verdict

From the above points, you might have come to a conclusion regarding “User not found” error message. You can also know whether someone blocks you on Instagram as well.


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