Apple Bans App Vybe Together! Why? Know the reason here

Apple has invalidated an iPhone app termed as Vybe Together. As the app suggest and offered aid to users to arrange for secret parties that would violate social-distancing rules in many cities.

The app is no longer to be had on Apple’s App Store, and its website too was removed. The app’s Instagram profile says “App Store took us down!!! We will be back!!”

The non-operational website of the app carried an arguable text statement “Miss playing beer pong, flirting with strangers, and generally just having a blast with the crew? Vybe is here for you,” raising many questions for its founders. In addition to that they used a tagline for the app which read “Get your rebel on, Get your party on.”

In one of the official talk one of the app’s co-founders, responded to The Verge, saying that the app had quite limited users on board, as well as only a few thousand waiting to get themselves registered. He also confirmed that Apple was the one who took the app down from App Store. Reportedly, the app wasn’t popular sooner than The New York Times correspondent Taylor Lorenz called it out on Twitter on Tuesday.

The app’s FAQ page said the app was “a compromise,” the purpose of which is to promote “small gatherings” and not “big parties.” However, it is evident that even small gatherings can turn out to be a great dangerous, adding to that, the same it completely illegitimate considering the COVID-19 pandemic safety and precautionary guidelines.

Despite of the fact that the app is no longer available on App Store, its instagram page is still active and bears a post which reads, “Find your vybe. Local wine nights, beer pong games and dancing in an apartment near you.”

The app according to the grapevine had a partial reach with the user ratings of 25 on the App Store, previous to time it was rolled out. Moreover the Instagram page of the App has merely 795 followers. It’s fine; on the other hand, that Apple took no time to respond and put down the lid.

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