Does Amazon Notify You When Your Review is Posted

Does Amazon Notify You When Your Review is Posted?

Amazon is an Ecommerce platform where you can purchase almost everything. You can find different products, grocery, CDs, software and even services on the platform. It’s not just about buying something.. It also works like a community where you can ask questions related to the product and also you can answer them for others. Another … Read more

Scary Things To Ask Alexa

Best Funny & Scary Things To Ask Alexa in 2023

Amazon Alexa, or simply regarded as Alexa, is voice AI by Amazon. It is powered not only to make your life simpler and easier, but it rather adds more meaning and fun to it. It provides you with the ability to let your voice control your world both at home and away. People at times use … Read more

How to Delete Recently Viewed Items on Amazon

[2023] How to Delete Recently Viewed Items on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most preferred platform for shopping, you can find products from almost all the categories. You can not only view and place the order, but you can also add the items to cart, save them for later and ask for returns and refunds. The E-com giant also allows you to access … Read more

Chrome On FireStick

[2023] How To Install Google Chrome On FireStick & Fire TV?

Wondering how to install the Google Chrome browser on your FireStick? Relax and read through this article to have a better and thorough understanding about installing Google chrome browser on FireStick and Fire TV successfully. FireStick, is one of the most trendy home electronic appliances by Amazon. The product comes in the form of a … Read more


How to watch Elf Movie Online free

If you love fun movies, then Elf is certainly for you. Elf movies based on a son of a nutcracker is 2003 classic. People love to watch it during the holidays. It is one of the best Christmas movies. A human who is raised like an Elf, played by Will Ferrell, gives a great laugh … Read more

Payment Revision Needed Amazon

Payment Revision Needed On Amazon: Do’s and Don’ts

It’s quite annoying when you ordered for something on Amazon, entered your payment details and expecting the item(s) to be delivered shortly, but only ended up getting some random errors instead. One of such error is “Payment Revision Needed.” Receiving the payment revision needed message is among the most common issues people often face and … Read more

Amazon Firestick Apps Not Working

Amazon Fire-stick Apps Not Working? Here’s A Troubleshoot

The Amazon Fire-stick is a media streaming device built on the Android platform which converts a normal TV to a Smart TV. It is quite a handy tool which lets you stream video, install gaming, utility and other apps, play music and much more. Though the device is compatible with most of the applications, occasionally … Read more

How to get Invoice from Amazon

How to get Invoice from Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide

Ordered something on Amazon and couldn’t find an appropriate way to download the invoice for your purchase. Don’t get panic about this, as here you will get to know all possible alternative ways by which you can get Invoice against your Amazon Orders. This blog article for sure will act as a Comprehensive Guide about … Read more

How to Change Billing Address on Amazon

How to Change Billing Address On Amazon: An Easy Guide

Amazon is committed to customer obsession and operational excellence. It offers a range of deliverables which include fresh produce at customers’ doorstep and is always finding new ways to delight customers with entertaining stuff such as movies, music, and much more. As on operational front the best thing in Amazon is the flexibility offered to … Read more