whatsapp multi device support

WhatsApp soon to launch multi-device support

The widely used messaging and voice-over IP platform WhatsApp has been excitedly working on its new feature the multi-device support. This add on attribute will allow WhatsApp users to access their same account from multiple devices at a given point of time. The device limit as rumored will be maximum of four in case. However … Read more


Apple to curtail App Store Fees for iOS Developers

Apple, a front-running innovative technology company, is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. In a recent update from Apple, iOS Developers were announced to be benefited by the company’s new App Store Small Business Program. As per Apple Insider reports, an official mail from Apple is being sent to an estimated 98% of eligible … Read more

xrp crash

Cryptocurrency XRP crashes as SEC filed a law-suit against Ripple

As digitalisation has taken hold of almost everything, we are still poised amid the virtual world. One of a revolutionary and breakthrough development in digital era is the customary launch of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a new form of digital asset, a virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. This currency is generally not issued by … Read more

elon musk selling tesla

This is What Happened When Elon Musk tried selling Tesla to Apple

The valuation of Tesla could have been way different if Tim agreed for a meeting with Elon a few years back. In response to Reuters’ latest news stating that Apple has not dumped its plans on electric car program and is still in hunt to build a substantial vehicle, Musk tweeted – “During the darkest days of … Read more

facebook protect

Facebook to Roll-out Heightened Security Measures in 2021

Facebook, world’s leading online social-media & social-networking service platform, is empowering people across geographical boundaries to share ideas, offer support and make a difference. The platform can be easily accessed from digital devices with Internet connectivity. After registering with the platform, users can create a personal profile revealing demographical and other information. It is obvious that such information is always … Read more

instagram won't post

Instagram Won’t Let Me Post! 7 Methods To Fix!

Why is Instagram not letting me post? Why my post keeps failing to upload? Why Instagram won’t post any of my content? If these or such similar questions on the same line trouble you, then make sure that you stick till the very end. We have some exclusive and verified methods that can solve the … Read more

change Spotify Playlist Picture

Easy Steps on how to change Spotify Playlist Picture

Music for sure is an indispensable part of our lives. For some listening to music is way to entertain while few get themselves relaxed with its soothing effect. It also gives strength and motivates people during their tough times. Music is to be felt than just to listen to or play. Undoubtedly it has the … Read more

Log Out Instagram from All Devices

How to Log Out Instagram from All Devices Remotely

The world is now completely digitised and it has taken social media to another platform. The craziness for social media can easily be seen in all age groups. People like to spend their most of the time surfing the internet, connecting people, posting photos, videos, and stories and let the world know their whereabouts. But, … Read more