Find out How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with ease

YouTube, as a means of infotainment, is one of the most preferred. This exciting and fascinating video sharing digital platforms acts as a repository which store works of millions of artists, authors, academicians and additional contributors. Here populace can share whatever thing through video-based content. Viewers are allowed access to look at the numerous video times and time again, excluding, the videos that has been deleted. Even if a viewer has marked the preferred video as “Watch later” he perhaps cannot find the same if deleted once. Even there is no way to find title of deleted youtube video. There is no point to get worry or dishearten for the reason as this post will tell you how to watch deleted YouTube videos.

If you missed out on a video on YouTube there’s not much to feel uneasy about, as there’s always a likely chances of that video being reposted or re-uploaded by some other user may be on other channel. On the other hand, subject to non-compliance of YouTube’s strict and strong privacy policy and regulations, certain video may absolutely get disappeared. You can’t find such video by entering the title or author in the search bar. But if you know the way to watch deleted YouTube videos it won’t be troublesome for you to have a look at it.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos: Simple & Easy Steps

Prior to heading towards on how to watch deleted YouTube videos, one must get to know that there are lots and lots of videos on YouTube. The user base of YouTube channels is growing stronger with new users and contributors joining this video sharing network each passing day. YouTube is recognized as the 2nd largest search engine and People contribute over 100 hours of videos per minute on YouTube, be it from the popular channel or the new one.

Since YouTube is an open platform and the contents eventually may come from anyone, YouTube classifies the video content into specific categories. All videos that seem to have an issue or deemed to be offended and unsuitable for public view will be deleted. Some general issues are related to the original copyright and trademark, while others may subject to nudity, child abuse, defamation and alike.

In case of the original owner asking to take down a video sending a “complete legal request”, YouTube will take down the said video.  Furthermore, in case of inappropriate content YouTube staffs are available 24 X 7 for analyzing any report received from viewers. They will impromptu act in response to the report relating showcasing nudity or sexual, harmful or dangerous, hateful, violent, cyber-bullying, spam or scams, child safety, impersonation, and other inappropriate contents and such videos soon gets deleted from YouTube.

Steps to Find Deleted YouTube Video

YouTube has all the rights to remove any video without prior notification to video uploader or viewers. There is nothing to shock when you find a deleted video in your watch list or in favorites. The video might have got removed for violating policies. Now, if you want to watch that one video, below are the steps that you should follow to get it back.

  1. Open YouTube : To find that video again, first of all you need the exact URL to that video. If you don’t have it just go to YouTube and find it in your watch history or look for liked videos playlist. Once you find it, copy the URL of that video and open a new tab in your desktop web browser.
  2. Visit : Now you have the link of that video, visit by entering it in your address bar and press the enter button. Once you open the home page, you will find many icons. Look for search box with go button.
  3. Paste the URL : Pastethatcopied URL into search box (which is called wayback machine) and hit the enter button.
  4. Wait a while : Now wait for a while until finds the video for you. It will show you where you can find that particular video. Now just click on videos that appeared in results.
  5. Enjoy the video.

This was one of the easiest method to find a deleted YouTube Video. However, sometimes such tools also couldn’t find a deleted video due to copyright issues or technical problems. We hope you will find your favorite youtube video and enjoy it.

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