Why Facebook Message Sent but not delivered? Exclusive Solutions

facebook message sent but not delivered

When it comes to social media king, many of us would agree upon the name, Facebook. The company has been there since a pretty long time and in the span of last few years, Facebook has managed to even get a lot of other popular media platforms under its banner like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Facebook initially began as a normal and minimalistic social media platform but over time it became very advanced. As of today, it’s a hub for connecting with millions of people across the globe.

But, generally, people tend to face a lot of Facebook technical issues and the Facebook message sent but not delivered is especially one of them, about which we are going to focus in this article.

Why Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

There can be a lot of instances where you may face the issue of Facebook messenger sent but not delivered message.

To curb with the issue, we need to first understand what are the reasons that could have led to the Facebook message being sent but not delivered.

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So, let’s take a look at the following reasons which maybe causing the problem of messages not delivering:

Internet Connection

The first and foremost important thing that you should carry out before heading to any other activity for solutions is to check the strength of your Internet connection. If the Internet connection is not strong then it may cause the Facebook service to not function properly.

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So, the next time whenever you are trying to send a message, just make sure that you recheck the connection beforehand. Even on the most slowest connection speed, the messages can easily be sent, but still you never know.

Become Friends on Facebook with the Receiver

If you are still wondering that why wont my messages deliver then probably you need to check out the space that both you (sender) and receiver are in. If you are not friends with the other party involved in the conversation, then the messages that you send will not directly be read by them in their inbox. The messages are sent and infact even delivered but it’s just that the receiver isn’t aware of it by now.

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If the receiver’s profile is private, then the messages land up in the message requests column from where the receiver would have to manually go and approve your message to read it. The only way to deal with this issue is by directly becoming friends with the other party involved so that your messages directly land up in their inbox only.

Acess Messages from Notification

Generally, if the message is opened and accessed directly from the notification panel only then in such cases, it will show as undelivered. These days, many of us have the habit of directly reading up messages through the notifications tab only.

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This basically leads to the unchange of status but still the message has been read by the receiver. This reason can’t be directly known by the sender.

Receiver Hasn’t Opened Messages

The official Facebook app for mobile doesn’t let you open and read any messages. For that, you will have to separately download the messaging feature. If the receiver is using the Facebook app, then their status could be shown online but the message may show as not delivered only as the receiver hasn’t read or opened the message.

Accessing social media on our portable gadgets is a lot easier these days but to enjoy all the features to the fullest, generally the public have to download additional apps or services, just like in case of Facebook.

Ignored the Message

We know this can sound to be a little hurting, but the other person may have intentionally ignored your message/s. The message could have been sent but as your friend didn’t seem to check it out, you may end up thinking it as not sent.

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To verify, you can send another message to your friend. Or we recommend you to send message to some another person only as this way you would know whether the outcome was similar or different.

How To Fix Facebook Messages Not Delivering Issue

If even after identifying the reasons, you are not able to get rid of the fb message sent but not delivered issue then we recommend you to try the below mentioned techniques.

We are sure that at least one of them would work out for you and after that you may no longer need to worry about Facebook messages not delivering.

Use Browser Version of Facebook

The Facebook mobile app can be a bit confusing or complex to use for some. Like at times, if you sign in through the app, then others can’t see whether you are online or not. In such cases, it’s recommended that you directly use the Facebook browser mode. Or in other words, abandon the app and use your computer or mobile browser to access the Facebook site. This way, you will be able to see all of your online friends and also send messages to them.

Restart Facebook

It doesn’t matter how good of a Internet connection you have got, at times, there can be issues in the Facebook service which may lead some issues in the sending of message. You can just sign out of your account and restart your gadget to begin fresh. Once the device is rebooted, just sign in again, and try to see if you are able to now send the messages or not.

Find Out Active Friends

Sending message to a friend who hasn’t been active since ages doesn’t seem to be a right move. If the receiver hasn’t been active since a long time then the chances of him/her checking up your messages are quite less.

In almost each profile’s chat section, you can see when the last time, the respective person was online. Therefore, it’s recommended to send messages to Active friends only or the ones that are generally using Facebook on a regular basis.

To Summarise

Why is my Facebook message sent but not delivered?

There can be a lot of reasons right from poor Internet connection to receiver not opening messages. We have covered about this in detail in the very first section where we discuss about reasons that could have lead to messages not delivering.

What does it mean when a Facebook message is sent but not delivered?

Again, this could mean anything right from in-activeness of the receiver to Facebook app technicality. It’s your job to carefully go through all the reasons mentioned above and after that, you will yourself get your answer to the question.

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