How to Delete Shared Photos on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a platform where users can share various kinds of content, which can be text, images, videos, and many others. This can also be done through Facebook Messenger. There are situations that the users have to delete the pictures, videos and other content from the messenger. In this article, we will discuss the ways of deleting content.


Table of Contents

Delete sent photos on Facebook Messenger app

Here are the steps, which you can use to delete the shared photo through a messenger app.

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  1. Tap the messenger icon. Here you will find all the conversations with all the users.
  2. Select a conversation from which you want to delete the photos. If you are unable to see any conversation go to the top left corner of the screen on the Android mobile or iPhone and click the Home tab and select the conversation.
  3. Now look for the picture, which you want to delete.
  4. Tap the photo and hold it to display the menu.
  5. Look for the Delete option and click it.
  6. Tap Delete when a prompt opens and this will delete the picture.

Delete sent photos on Facebook desktop version

Take the following steps for deleting the picture.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on the laptop or desktop. Here you will find the latest conversations.
  2. Select a conversation, which contains a picture that you want to delete.
  3. Search for the picture in the conversation by scrolling.
  4. You will find a button with three dots. Click the button and a menu will appear. The direction of the button depends on two factors. If you have sent the picture to somebody, you will find the button on the left side. If somebody has sent the picture to you, the button will be available on the right side of the picture.
  5. Click the Delete option in the menu.
  6. When you see a prompt, click Delete in that prompt too and the picture will be deleted.

Delete the whole conversation on Messenger app

If you are unable to find the picture or video, you want to delete and also you do not need the conversation, you have the option to delete the whole conversation. Here are the steps for the same.

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  1. Open the Facebook messenger on the mobile.
  2. Now tap and hold the conversation, which you want to remove and a menu will appear. In the case of iPhone 6S or later, you have to tap and hold the conversation lightly as there is a chance of activation of 3D Touch. There is no such problem in Android mobiles.
  3. Tap Delete Conversation from the menu.

A prompt will open and you have to tap Delete Conversation again. The whole conversation will be deleted.

Delete the whole facebook conversation on laptop or PC

Take the following steps to delete the conversation using a laptop.

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger on laptop or PC.
  2. Click the conversation and hold it to display the popup menu.
  3. Click Delete from the menu.
  4. A prompt will appear having Delete and Archive buttons. Click the Delete button and the conversation will be deleted.

Wrapping up

These are the ways in which you can delete pictures, videos, and conversations from mobile and laptop.


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