How to Delete All Twitter Likes at Once

delete twitter likes

If you are a Twitter user, then you would possibly be conscious of delete Twitter likes. Whenever you like a Tweet, then it is additionally proven in your profile underneath the Likes section, and any of your followers can see which tweets you have liked.

delete twitter likes

Every Tweet you like from your profile receives brought underneath the Likes section. That’s a proper aspect of Twitter, and you can test your favoured tweets each time somewhere from your profile, however, the major headache takes place when you desire to delete your preferred tweets.

Delete All Twitter Likes at Once

Want to bulk delete Twitter likes? At times, you would prefer to delete historical likes due to the fact you do now not desire any association with that account/topic/person/idea. At such times, the usage of a device that can shortly remove Twitter likes for you can be the most beneficial.

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You can additionally in contrast to likes from Twitter itself however, that would require you to delete each tweet individually. If you want to simply delete the latest Twitter likes, you can in contrast to the Twitter platform. But, if you desire to in contrast to a couple of Twitter posts, a third-party app can shop time and effort.

Circle increase is a Twitter app that helps you in unexpectedly disposing of all historic likes from your Twitter account. You can clear all Twitter likes or unique likes the usage of the app.

If you desire to delete your favoured tweets from Twitter, then you have to eliminate them one via one, and it will take hell lot of time to delete twitter likes one with the aid of one. So right here in this article, we will share some equipment that will assist you in casting off all the Twitter likes at once.

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Delete Twitter Likes/Favorites at once as is pretty effortless you have to deploy software on your system, and then you can eliminate all the likes from your Twitter profile easily.

If you don’t desire to use any third-party device or application, then there is no such alternative for remove twitter likes in bulk or once. You can delete twitter likes in bulk with the Browser Console technique also, however it has some limitations. To understand extra in detail, observe the below-mentioned steps. In this article, I will exhibit you a few unique methods you can get rid of your complete Twitter-like history!

Bulk Delete Twitter Likes with Circleboom

Delete Twitter Likes with Circleboom

Login the Circle boom app and affirm your Twitter account to the utilization of various feature. Once logged in, you can manage your Twitter unfollows, time desk your tweets, manipulate historical likes, and get your Twitter analytics.

To delete likes, here’s the 2-step process:

Step 1: Go to the Circle boom menu on the left, and pick, “My Tweets” -> “Unlike.” Your most current 3,200 tweets will be listed via Circle boom. To clear all Twitter likes, you can click on “Unlike All” not to like all tweets.

Step 2: Complete delete picks out Twitter likes, picks out the tweets you pick to erase likes of and click on “Delete selected.” You can in addition search for special tweets by using the usage of the two-way of the use of the grid strength search. You can search for tweets via keywords/hashtags/location/date to discover the tweet you desire to unlike.

To view any tweet like earlier than getting rid of it, you can view the tweet the use of the blue eye icon. The largest gain of the use of the Circle boom is that you can shortly search for any tweet that you have preferred with the energy search. Finding an equal tweet on Twitter may take you days or months. Even then, in distinction to all buttons, it is an exceptional character that you would now not find out in many tools and makes Circle boom a true time-saver Twitter app.

Method 2: One By One

At first, comes the one by way of one technique in which you have to cast off tweets from likes part one by means of one manually. If you have fewer tweets in the likes section, then this is the ideal technique as you can dispose of them yourself from the likes section.

  • Log In to your Twitter account, and Open your Twitter profile.
  • Click on the Likes section and Tick on the Tweet and blow the unlike button
  • Do it manually for every tweet.

Method 3: Twitter Archive Eraser

The above-shared technique was once for these humans who do now not choose to use a third-party utility or have fewer tweets in the likes section. But if you desire to delete all the tweets from the like’s part at once, then you want to use the Twitter Archive Eraser utility which will do deletions project automatically.

It’s one of the most herbal techniques to delete twitter likes. Follow the below-mentioned steps cautiously to recognize more.

  • Now download and install the software on your desktop and Open the utility and click on the first checkbox and Next that tick on the Sign In button.
  • Directly enter your Twitter account credentials and empower the application and then Then you will obtain a PIN which you want to paste internal the application.
  • After that software will ask you for what to delete, choose to delete favourites.
  • Now the software will exhibit you the be counted of likes and obstacles of deletion and Next tick on the Start button and Now it will acquire all the tweets, and you accept to succeed the Next button.
  • Now it will exhibit you a listing of all the favoured tweets. By default, all favoured tweets will be selected; however, you can filter them if you choose to hold any.
  • Once you are executed with the selection, click on Erase Selected Tweets and Hit Ok to confirm.
  • That’s it; now the app will do the deletion procedure routinely for you.

Method 4: Via Browser Console

If you do now not prefer to use third-party software nor desires to delete manually then there is one greater technique that can assist you in casting off the tweets in bulk which is through the Browser Console. Follow the below-shared steps to comprehend more.

  • Accessible the Chrome browser at your PC and Log In to your Twitter account.
  • Open the Likes area below the profile tab.
  • Already you accept opened the go for page, press the F12 button on your keyboard and then click on the Console tab and repeat the successive script, and paste it into the console tab.
  • Now press the enter button to begin the deletion process.
  • It will unlike/unfavorite the tweets automatically and Repetition above common steps to delete tweets in bulk

So, it is used to be whole data on deleting all twitter desired tweets at soon. By following the above steps, you can eliminate all preferred tweets with simply one click on or at once.


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