Want to Bulk Delete all Twitter Likes? Here is How!

Introduced in 2006, Twitter is a social platform meant for the public conversation. Today millions of intellectual individuals from every hook and corner of the world put forth their perspectives, express ideas, and share valuable piece of information on this social media. One can freely follow and like what other people share. However, from time to time you would like to delete past likes as you no longer consider any association with particular account/topic/person/idea. But what if you want to delete Twitter likes (each and every) at one go. Is there any possibility for doing so? Yes! Below we have mentioned the solutions.. Check them out.

Can you delete all Twitter likes?

Regrettably, there is no official method by which you can delete all Twitter likes at once. But, you can still accomplish the task using some third party applications. This article covers briefings on such services and applications which are sound and safe.

As a Twitter user, you must be aware of Twitter likes and how to delete it.

Every time you like a Tweet, then it gets reflect underneath Likes section, and any of your followers can see which tweets you have liked. But, when you wish to delete your liked tweets it becomes a troublesome affair. Let’s understand the methods to delete all Twitter likes at once.

Deleting All Twitter Likes at Once 2022

In contrast to likes on Twitter, if you would require deleting tweet individually, you can simply delete the latest Twitter likes from the Twitter platform. If you go that way, then you have to eliminate them one by one, and it will take hell lot of time to delete twitter likes. But, if you wish to delete all Twitter likes at once you need to seek help from some third-party app to save time and effort.

So here are methods that will assist you in casting off all the Twitter likes at once.

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Method 1: Deleting All Twitter Likes One By One Manually 2022

At first, comes the technique in which you have to cast off tweets liked one by one manually. If you have fewer tweets in the likes section, then this is the ideal technique as you can dispose of them yourself from the likes section by following under mentioned steps.

  • Open your Twitter profile by logging in with valid credentials.
  • Click on the Likes section.
  • Tick on the Tweet and blow the unlike button.
  • Repeat it for every tweet manually.

This method will consume a lot of time while on the contrary you can eliminate all the likes from your Twitter profile easily in no time. To Delete Twitter Likes/Favorites at once is pretty effortless you must deploy certain software on your system.

Method 2: Deleting Twitter Likes with Circle Boom App

Login the Circle Boom app and affirm your Twitter account to enjoy benefits of various features. The app allows you to manage your Twitter unfollows, time desk your tweets, manipulate historical likes, and get your Twitter analytics.

Delete Twitter Likes with Circleboom

Here’s the 2-step process to delete Twitter likes using this App:

Step 1: Go to the Circle Boom menu on the left, and follow the path, “My Tweets” -> “Unlike.” A maximum of your latest 3,200 tweets will be listed via Circleboom.

Step 2: To clear all Twitter likes, you can click on “Unlike All”.

The free service allows you manage one Twitter account while the paid services starts at $11.99/month which offers some added features. Circle Boom not only lets you to delete all of your Twitter likes but it also facilitates you to sort your Tweets as well.

Method 3: Deleting Twitter Likes Via Twitter Archive Eraser

Another method that involves a third-party app for managing and deleting tweets, likes, and favorites is via Twitter Archive Eraser. This free to use application allows you to bulk-delete likes and is quite easy and simple to use. Here are the steps to delete all Twitter likes:

  • Download and install the software on your desktop
  • Open the utility by clicking on the first checkbox and then tick on the Sign In button.
  • Enter your Twitter account credentials and select authorize app
  • Then you will obtain a PIN which you want to paste in the application.
  • Now in the section screen of the application, select delete favourites.
  • On the top of the next page you will get a count of likes and query limitation
  • Tap on the Start button and wait until it display required information, once completed select Next button to proceed further.
  • Now it will exhibit you a listing of all the liked tweets. By default, all liked tweets will be selected; however, you can filter them if you choose to withhold any.
  • Once you have made the selection, click on Erase Selected Tweets and tap OK to confirm.
  • That’s it; now the app will automatically carry out the deletion process and notifies “success” message after it is done.

If you don’t desire to use any third-party device or application, then there is no such alternative for remove Twitter likes in bulk or once. You can delete Twitter likes in bulk with the Browser Console technique. To understand in detail, observe the below-mentioned steps.

Method 4: Deleting Twitter Likes Via Browser Console

If you do now not prefer to use third-party software nor desires to delete manually then you can do it through your web browser’s Twitter Console. Follow the below-shared steps to comprehend more.

  • Launch chrome browser on your desktop/laptop
  • Login to Twitter
  • Under the profile section, look for Likes and click it
  • Now hit F12 key to open chrome’s debug console
  • Into the “Console” field provided next to the blue arrow, copy $(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click();
  • Run it by pressing the Enter key
  • It will unlike/unfavorite the tweets automatically
  • Repeat the above steps to delete Twitter likes in bulk

So, that’s all from our side on deleting all Twitter likes at once. By following the above methods, you can delete all liked tweets with just few clicks and practicing simple steps.


How do I delete my likes on Twitter for free?

If you want to delete all your likes on twitter for free, you can visit your profile > likes and remove the likes one by one. Also you can try the methods mentioned above to remove them.

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