Easy Ways To Avoid Phishing from Online Hackers

A rise in cyber attacks has made the internet a very risky place. Recently the corporate had to suffer a lot due to an attack of WannaCry Ransomware attack and NotPetya.


This raises a question:

How any user can protect themselves from such attacks and hackers wrong practices?

Let us find out some amazing tips that can help you protect against it:

Use Two-Step Authentication

This is a very popular feature. The two-factor authentication became the most important tool after Facebook emphasized it for login.

It’s an essential tool for security purpose as it is a two-stage gateway to the sensitive information. Hackers need to access the phone in order to get into the account, even after cracking the password. It reduces the chances of attack to a greater extend.

Avoid over posting on social media


Social Media is an easy medium to get into your social life. It should be used with a lot of caution. Hackers can easily attack your profile if you are posting too much. This can become a threat online as well as offline.

Someone can easily know your daily routine and act accordingly. This can also affect your safety. So, next time think twice before posting numerous stories on any of the social media.

Change your password regularly

Common mistake users do is they create a tough password but then never modify it. It would be tough to remember so many passwords. However, the passwords are easily accessible. Hackers can easily hack your accounts if all contain common passwords. Thus there is a password management service such as Dashlane or pp. These services help in tracking tough passwords. It also allows users to store and secure their passwords.

Keep your software updated

To avoid any cyber threat, it is important to accept all updates. They are the remedial response to check such threats.

They safeguard your device from a potential attack. Many times we ignore such updates and feel they are unnecessary. However, they are the first step towards keeping a secure online ecosystem.

Do not share your personal info so much

Avoid messages like you have won a lottery or if someone asked your credit card number over a text message. As this way attackers can easily access your personal data.

Users should be cautious while sharing their bank account details or id numbers online. It is advised to share such sensitive information via a secured gateway.

Try not to use public computers

It would be difficult for people who are not using public computers. They may have to visit internet cafes. Such cafes have computers having high chances of a virus. This is because many people are using it.

Hence, users have now got different options to avoid phishing. Following the above steps can definitely keep your data safe to a greater level and make your privacy intact.

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