9 Best Wunderlist Alternatives You Should Use

Some time back Microsoft had planned to discontinue the most popular app called Wunderlist. Wunderlist lets you keep track of all the lists in a much simpler way. One could create lists of points to be discussed in meetings or things required for travel or holidays.

This is the reason why many users were disappointed with the announcement of stopping this app. However, nothing to worry about as there are various apps like Wunderlist or we can say some good Wunderlist alternative which can suffice your to-do list purpose.

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So on that note let’s talk about some Wunderlist alternative apps as follows;


Available: Various Platforms


With Todoist you can easily track everything at the same place and thus get all the list get completed on time without any hassle. Just put down all the task in the list and get access to the list from any place and even offline too. This app is user-friendly with a simple interface and can be accessed on various platforms.

However, the only drawback is the sharing of the task and improper delegation, which needs improvement. The feature to list down task is called Project in this app. You can classify the task through reminders and is available on ios, android and such.


Available: Various Platforms


Any.do is another amazing Wunderlist alternative which has a calendar feature, multiple task list and also the possibility of sharing the list.

Thus, it provides great assistance and makes your life simpler. You can share the list of shopping items or travel needs with anyone. Similar to Wunderlist, this app is also available on various platforms. You can also give comments or reviews for any list.

The task can be delegated too which makes this app one of the best Wunderlist alternative. It has a very simple design and layout. Also, it is an inexpensive app, and one can set reminders too.

Microsoft To-Do

Download for; (Web, Windows, Android & iOS)


Microsoft To-Do is the alternative for to-do list which is created by Wunderlist only. It is an amazing app if you need a complete kit of Microsoft and thus it is one of the best management application available by far.

You can schedule the task on the calendar and add some specific details. If you need it for business purpose or personal use, this app will lessen down your stress and make all task quite simple. It is freely available on various platforms.

There is no support for desktop and has continuous notifications which are certain drawbacks to be looked into. This app can be improved to a greater extent by updating its interface.


Download for; (Web, Android & iOS)


Trello was mainly developed to manage projects with an amazing interface. However, it is a great Wunderlist alternative as one can organize various task in it and even set reminders. You can share the list, add notes or even use it for delegating any task.

Due to its complex features, users may find it difficult to use. But with practice and giving more time to the app one can easily get used to the app. It is available on various platforms and has also an option of premium plans where more helpful features are there such as file attachment till 250 MB, Evernote and many more.

Remember the Milk

Available: Various Platforms


It is mainly an app for people who stay quite busy and can be used instead of Wunderlist. It has a great reminder feature and also an option to create the list in an organized manner.

You can classify the list as per your projects and also manage multiple categories of the list. Notes can also be added to give comments or some special message. You can share the list with anyone and delegate various tasks too.

The only limitation of this app is, that it does not allow you to attach any kind of file along with your reminders.


Download for; (Web, Android & iOS)


WorkFlowy is an amazing Wunderlist alternative and is mainly for the purpose of making list and thus keeping notes. It has a user-friendly interface and does not require any special training. The professionals can list down the tasks, share it to anyone and thus use it on various platforms.

Jesse Patel and Mike Turitzin had launched this app. It can be used both online and offline. One can easily track anything like a shopping list or meeting tasks. It is similar to a notepad and has a good syncing option.


Download for; (Web, Mac, Android & iOS)


2DO app completely free Wunderlist alternative and one of the best app to create the list is what 2DO app all about. One can add reminders, comments in form of notes and also upload images or audio with the task reminders.

There is sadly no option to delegate a task or share it with anyone. Apart from that, there is a feature of quick entry which lets you add any task faster. It is available on ios and android freely whereas paid on Mac.


Download for; (Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iPad & iPhone)


DropTask was mainly created for mobile phones, but now available on various platforms. It has an amazing interface and is mainly suitable for students or professionals who want to manage their projects and prioritize all the tasks on the list.

The team can add notes and set deadlines. It is a good alternative of Wunderlust wherein personalized list is created.


Available: Various Platforms


Toodledo app is free for Android users but not for ios. It has Folder feature which is used to list down the task and is similar to Wunderlist.

There is reminder option, file attachment feature and also one can share the task with anyone. It lacks a great interface which needs time to get used to.

Ending Remarks


Although Wunderlist is still running, the time is not far when it will be shut down. Hence, it is better to try these Wunderlist alternatives which have similar and even more advanced features in comparison to Wunderlist.

Hence, it is better to try these Wunderlist alternatives which have similar and even more advanced features in comparison to Wunderlist.

Also, these apps are freely available, hence you should definitely check them out. These apps may help you reduce your burden of managing tasks to a greater extent and you can easily list down all your tasks without much complications.

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