11 Best Image hosting sites Alternatives of Imgur

Imgur is a free site available to store and share the photographs or images, without any subscription. It is very versatile software which let users customize their images, and with the base of Reddit, this platform allows users to discover their favourite images online. In this article, we have shortlisted some Imgur alternative.

However, although you may find Imgur a perfect photo-sharing site, this comes with certain limitations too. It does not allow you to store image if it exceeds 1mb and thus compresses the image on its own. It will disturb the pixel and image quality will get spoilt. Also one needs to use other sites to edit the image quickly. If you are looking for best services for sharing photos then you should be pleased that we are listing down the best Imgur alternatives you can use.

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Why you need Imgur alternatives?

Imgur is the best service & people absolutely love the way Imgur has made to bring equality among its users by not providing the paid subscriptions. But as all we know, there are various disadvantages of Imgur. Firstly, when Imgur offers unlimited photos, it is the limit on picture size. If the picture size is larger than 1 MB then Imgur compresses it & while Imgur says compression does not degrade quality, people believe it does even if it is slight.

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The second limitation, Imgur does do not have any type of editing features & while some may say it is not required, but we believe that the additional editing features would make the Imgur tool even better. Furthermore, Imgur does do not offer you ownership of the image. Thus, if you upload the picture which is taken by you on the Imgur, you can’t claim the right on your picture later on. And, there is also one more limitation with Imgur i.e. Imgur uses some Reddit images in its section named ‘Most Vital’ that irks various Imgur users. Even with various limitations & issues that we talked about, the Imgur tool is a great service but you have to go with various alternatives of Imgur.

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Hence, these drawbacks may make you feel to check out some best Imgur alternative and the sites like Imgur. Let us check out which are they.



TinyPic is an image hosting site that is not so popular, but it is highly recommended. The unique feature of this site is that it provides text extraction. There is no need to create an account to upload the image and also to share or search image online. You can resize the image as you want. One can share the image using URL, Image code or the direct link. Hence, it is easy to use the site for image sharing.



This is one of the free image hosting sites which is beneficial to post any content related to NSFW. You do not have many restrictions on posting the type of image, but it should not exceed 5mb. There is no need to create an account to upload and share the image online. It has a comical interface which saves your privacy.


Publitio is Media Asset Management solution that can be used as an image storage solution as well since it’s not limited for websites usage only.

They are providing image hosting for free up to 10GB of storage space for all your files. Easy to navigate dashboard will help you organize all your files and make your workflow cleaner.
Security is something that they also invested in. So if you do not want your media files to be shown anywhere online except the websites you want, you can turn on domain level protection.

URL-based transformations will help you out with resizing, formating, transcoding but also watermarking your images. Many features for image manipulation to choose from.



Postimage is another interesting Imgur alternative and easy to use the image-hosting website. You get various links to share the image online, once you have uploaded the image. Straight from the direct link to sharing the thumbnails, everything is available. It also gives you an option to remove the image from its site through a link provided for deletion. You do not have to register in this site and has quick uploading process.


This is another free and secure site for image sharing online. Again in this site, no registration is needed. You can apply watermarks on a photo and fix a time to retain a photo as in this site the photo will get removed after some time. Through HTTPS, the security of all the images is being taken care of. Thus, it is a good image hosting website for keeping your photos private.

Image shack

Imageshack is an Imgur alternative, which has free as well as a paid subscription as per your need.

In free option, you can avail a 10 GB limit every month. Also, you need to register in it. Along with that, you get privacy features, great editing options and even images can be categorized. Not only this, you can search the images from across the world. It is somewhat similar to Pinterest, thus, giving you great layout options.



It is a great Imgur alternative, mainly for photographers. They can share their photographs online and thus can earn good money with it. Also one can start by creating the profile and thus edit and share the photographs. Also, users going with the paid option can have their profile wherein they can display their best images, where no ratings or comments are given. To share the online image one can do it through embedded code.


Flickr is a well-known image hosting site, and still, a lot of people love it, especially the photographers. Through, great editing feature, you can make your images look perfect and thus organize them well and share it with all.

There is an option to make your photos private and share it with the audience of your choice. Also, there are varied options to upload the image which includes mobile, email account and other apps. You can use the flicker tool to backup the images which are stored in your PC, photos and other various storage areas.


ImgBox, which is a great Imgur alternative, has been known since the past few years and is used a lot. It has key features like storage space without limitation and image can be stored for as long as you want. Another thing is, it is the fastest image hosting site from all the above mentioned. Images as well as video both can be uploaded, just like Tinypic. However, it has the limitation that users can only upload images up to 10 MB. Otherwise, it may get compressed.

Ultra IMG

This image hosting site provides you with an option to upload multiple images altogether. However, per file, there is a limit of 10 MB. JPG or PNG all such file formats are possible, and you can store file for as long as you want. Once you upload the images, you can share it via direct link or embedded codes and even HTML links. You also get cool options to create the profile, in case you have registered with this site.

Image Socket

Imagesocket is an Imgur alternative which is used since last 12 years. This site is used for personal as well as professional use. Like some of the above sites, this site also does not require any registration.

Although one can opt for premium service in case they need some more advanced features. Some unique features of this site are it is ad-free, you can create HD quality images and thus free to share your images wherever you like. Also, do not worry, your images are completely safe and secure. You can upload and share the image online very quickly. This is mainly due to its simple and easy interface.

So now which is the best Imgur alternative?

Well, once you have gone through the above, you may find many of these sites are similar. Hence, we have listed down some good image hosting sites, which you can try as per your need and thus, decide which is the best suitable.


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