Best Image Hosting Sites Alternatives of Imgur

Uploading your piece of art on free image hosting sites, Imgur, beyond a doubt, is the leading image hosting website across the globe (and ranked among the top 50 online properties in the world). It is very handy software which let users customize their images without any registration or subscription. Though the site offers a plethora of tools to store and share the photographs or images; it comes with certain limitations and exceptions. This makes user to look for few other best image hosting sites alternative of Imgur.

If you are one of those users seeking best services for sharing photos then you should be pleased that we are listing down the best Imgur alternatives you can try hands on.

But before moving on to explore the alternatives of Imgur, let’s get to know a bit more about Imgur and why you need Imgur alternatives.

About Imgur:

Imgur is a perfect site which offers freelancers and bloggers with a massive repository of pictures and numerous helpful tools. Backed by Reddit, the site was launched in 2009 by Alan Schaaf, originally designed to be a reward to the Reddit community. It is an outstanding site where you can host, edit, and even share pictures on various platforms. Imgur’s popularity index rose instantly, and in no time Imgur reached one million hits a day and today it ranked as the top image hosting sites.

Why you need Imgur Alternatives?

Despite the fact that Imgur is the best service & people absolutely love this image hosting site; Imgur comes with definite confines and exceptions as under:

  • Firstly, it is the limit on total number of uploads and picture size. One can upload a maximum of 50 pictures per IP address in an hour. The file size is limited up to 20MB for non-animated images, and in case of GIFs it can’t exceed 200MB. Moreover it does not let the users to store image if it exceeds 1mb and in consequence compresses the image automatically, which as a result will disturb the pixel and image quality. Not only that, one need to use other sites for getting quick edits.
  • The second limitation, relates with picture edits and ownership. Imgur does do not have any type of editing features, also, it does do not offer you ownership of the image. Thus, if you upload the picture which is taken by you on the Imgur, you can’t claim the right on your picture later on.
  • Lastly, there is also one more limitation with Imgur i.e. Imgur uses some Reddit images in its section named ‘Most Vital’ that annoys various Imgur users.

Though Imgur is a great service tool it comes with various limitations & issues mentioned above; these drawbacks may make you feel to check out some best Imgur alternative and the sites like Imgur. So, let us check out which are the best image hosting sites alternative of Imgur.


Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is a well-liked image hosting site, and a lot of people, especially the photographers, love it for its amazing features. Through, Flickr’s great editing feature, you can make your images look perfect and thus organize them well and share it with all. Additionally there is an option to make your photos private and share it with the audience of your preference. Also, there are varied options to upload the image from which includes mobile, email account and other apps. You can use the flicker tool to backup the images which are stored in your PC, photos and other various storage areas. Not only that, Flickr has a feature named “Discover” which allows you to view recent images uploaded by other Flickr users.

Flickr has both the options available for users to choose from, i.e.; free and paid subscriptions. And even the free subscription allows you access to good picture editing tools, alongside upto 1000 pictures/videos upload limit, as well as pictures and video backup.


ImgBox, is yet another fine substitute to Imgur. The site has been well known among netizens for quite a few years and is used a lot. There are number of important features of ImgBox which makes it a great tool. One of these features includes storage space without limitation and image can be stored for as long as you want. Another vital element is the upload time and speed. It is the fastest image hosting site wherein images as well as video both can be uploaded in blink of your eye. However, it has the limitation that users can only upload images up to 10 MB. If it exceeds the said limit then it may get compressed.

Image shack

Imgae Shack is a first-rate site for image photo hosting and sharing, and will be needed to have a registered account to access the website. This Imgur alternative has free as well as a paid subscription offerings to suit the users’ need. And as the nature of subscription varies the benefits associated thereto also vary.

Image Shack lets its users to create albums, add tags, and edit pictures. In free option itself, you can avail a 10 GB limit every month. Along with that, you get privacy features, great editing options and even images can be categorized. Not only this, you can search the images from across the world. It is somewhat similar to Pinterest, thus, giving you great layout options. is one of the free image hosting sites. In comparison to other such sites, this site is commonly used by users to post any content related to NSFW.

You do not have many restrictions on posting the type of image, but it should not exceed 5mb. There is no need to create an account to upload and share the image online. It has a comical interface which saves your privacy.

Pic Paste Plus

The next site on the list is Pic Paste Plus. This is another free and secure site for image sharing online. Again in this site, no registration is needed. You can apply watermarks on a photo and fix a time to retain a photo as in this site the photo will get removed after some time. Through HTTPS, the security of all the images is being taken care of. Thus, it is a good image hosting website for keeping your photos private.


Postimage is a further exciting Imgur alternative and an easy to use image-hosting website. Here you have a quick uploading process, and once you have uploaded the image you are provided with various links to share the image online. Straight from the direct link to sharing the thumbnails, everything is available. It also gives you an option to remove the image from its site through a link provided for deletion. You do not have to register in this site and

Ultra IMG

UltraIMG offers you with an option to upload multiple images altogether. You also get cool options to create the profile, in case you have registered with this site. Registering yourself with UltraIMG allows you the right to avail premium features such as creating albums and galleries, cool editing tools, etc.

You can upload as many pictures as you desire, however, per file, there is a limit of 10 MB for all image formats. JPG or PNG all such file formats are possible, and you can store file for as long as you want. Once you upload the images, you can share it via direct link or embedded codes and even HTML links.

Summing up:

Uploading your piece of art to free image hosting sites gives you an extra space on your phone and computer which enhance the device’s operations taking place faster. Beside that it will make your images accessible from any place, any device and at any time. For this reason, we have listed down some good image hosting sites. Try your hands with the aforementioned sites to decide which is the best image hosting sites alternative of Imgur.

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