What Happens When You Unlike Instagram Photos: A Complete Guide

On many occasions while using Instagram you may have liked a photo without any intent of doing so. This results in one of the most awkward situations and might paved way for a numbers of doubts and queries like what if I unlike Instagram post after liking it by mistake? “If I unlike a post on Instagram will my followers notice it?”

Well, if you are getting nervous about it, please let all your worries aside and just go through this blog post to put all the curiosity and anxiety at rest. So without further ado here’s a comprehensive literature on what happens when you unlike Instagram photos?

How to unlike a photo on Instagram?

If you have liked a photo on Insta by mistake, which may happen accidentally or unintentionally double tapped the image or the heart icon placed underneath it. But there is nothing to be concerned about this, because there is all possibility to get it undone. You can always have an option to delete the Like by tapping on it back again. However, there are certain things which you must keep in mind. Let’s get to know about them one by one.

What if you unlike then like a photo on Instagram?

You must be curious to know about what happens when you accidentally like, then unlike and after that re-like a person’s photo on Instagram? And what sort of notification will that person receives in such a case. Here’s an answer for it:

If case when you like, unlike and then again go on to like someone’s photo on Instagram, then that someone who posted will simply get one Activity alert for the most recent like and one push notification for your first like (only if the person has enabled the push notifications feature on the app).

What If you by mistake liked a Photo on Instagram and then unlike it?

Well, after knowing how to unlike a photo (liked accidentally), now a question which will naturally comes to your mind is whether the person will get notified or somehow know about your liking and unliking of their photo.

So the answer to your first query is “it depends on your fortune”. Yes, you read is correct, it will largely depend on time and a few other factors.

As a matter of fact the Instagram likes goes with the wind. As soon as you liked a photo, the app will instantly send a notification to that person saying “X liked your photo.” However if you accidentally like someone’s Instagram photo and then unlike it, then that someone will get a split-second notification, then it will be removed just after you take your like back.

Nevertheless, if that person too is using the app while you mistakenly like and then unlike their photo, they will for sure be able to know about you doing so, as they will receive a notification about that.

Conversely, if you are lucky and that person is not on the Insta app by the time you coincidentally liked and then unlike their post, they won’t come to know about this act of yours except they have turned on push notification feature on Instagram.

In any case, it’s nothing to be bothered much as most often, the person is likely to miss the notification completely.

What if you unintentionally like and then unlike Instagram photo of someone and next block them?

Another concern in this regard is what happens when you blocked the person immediately after you liked their photo by chance?

As per Instagram rules, all your likes and comments will get removed whenever you block any person on the app. So as answer to your this query is that all your like will be removed in case where you block someone soon after liking their photo. As it will take away all your previous likes and comments in respect to a person’s posts, blocking someone seems to be a pretty handy solution in this situation.

Here again a set of questions pop up in mind to trouble you.

What if you unblock them anytime in Future?

In case you wish to unblock the person after a while whether your likes and comments will appear again on that person’s posts?

Well the answer is in positive. Yes, as soon as you unblock them, the person will get to see all your previous likes and comments back on their posts.

What if you disable your account after accidentally liking followed by unliking a photo on Instagram?

If you are thinking to disable your account post you by accident liked someone’s photo on Instagram and want to know about the reparations. Is doing that will take away all the likes and notifications?

Well, in general when you disable account on Instagram it will temporarily remove your profile, including photos, likes, comments and alike activity. Thus if you accidentally like a photo and soon after that you go on to disable your account, the likes and comments will automatically be removed, including all corresponding notifications also.

Nonetheless, you need not have to disable your Instagram account to get out of the said situation. All you need is to just unlike a photo and that is enough.

How to avoid accidental liking of photos on Instagram?

Liking someone’s photo on Instagram by accident is quite common and expected occurrence when can happen to even best of users. This embarrassing situation can be averted with due carefulness and by practicing some simple tricks. In order to prevent accidental liking on Instagram, you can enable airplane mode on your device. This trick works equally well on iOS as well as Android devices. To turn on the airplane mode take following steps:

  • For iPhone, simply swipe up and tap on the ‘airplane’ icon.
  • For Android, take the path as Settings > ‘More’ in the Wireless & Networks section > Airplane Mode. Tap on airplane mode to activate it.

This will now stop you from accidental likings and prevent the likes from going away.

Alternatively you can rely upon third-party tool like, AiGrow to monitor and view someone else’s posts and stories not including accidentally likes. 

What if you like an Instagram photo more than once?

In case where you double tap on any photo to like it, it won’t make any difference if you do so twice or even more than that. A person in such situation will not get multiple notifications. As per Instagram’s algorithm the person who posted that photo will only receive one notification while the app is going to ignore multiple likes. However, double tapping on Instagram photo time after time, will only result in the like animation getting replayed.

Note: There’s a widespread misunderstanding that when you double tap a photo twice, it will result in unlike Instagram photo. To clarify the same; a photo on Insta can only be unliked when you tap on the ‘heart’ icon provided at the bottom of the post. No way you can unlike a photo by double tapping it twice.

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