How to Unsend a Snap

Can You Unsend on Snapchat?: Here’s How to Unsend a Snap

Snapchat is a great place to socialize with people by sending snaps and share fun moments with your loved ones. But to no surprise, at one or the other point of time, you might have experienced a bit of embarrassment for sending a wrong snap to a fellow Snapper (Snapchat User). It seems to be … Read more

Restore Snap Streak

Wanna get back a lost streak? Here’s how to Restore Snapstreaks

Snapchat is a well-liked and pleasurable social media platform that lets you chat with friends, dig in, discover and view worldwide stories. This media sharing messaging app allows its users to exchange snaps which go off once viewed. However users can reload a snap only for one more time within 24 hours. Sending and receiving … Read more

Change Password on Snapchat

Unable to Login? Know How To Change Password On Snapchat

In case you are unable to Log in to your Snapchat account with a wrong username or password message appearing on the screen or you just forgot your Snapchat password. There’s nothing to worry about as we will hereby tell you a few ways by which you can change password on Snapchat. If you wish … Read more

Change Snapchat Notification Sound

How To Change Snapchat Notification Sound – A Short Manual

Snapchat has been constantly building its community base for a decade now. Ever since it was launched in 2011, Snappers (Snapchat users) are being offered with unique way of telling their stories via images and videos on Snapchat timeline. As Snapchat user you will certainly receive a notification from the app whenever someone sends you … Read more

Fruits Mean On Snapchat

Apple to Strawberry: Here’s What Fruits Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is among the trendiest social platform packed with plenteous symbols and icons. While each of the symbols conveys a certain message, the active users over time have devised some indigenous meanings for them. Apparently you might have come across a fruit thing on Snapchat and be in awe that why someone is posting fruit … Read more

How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat

How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat

Snapchat is a distinct messaging app which tenders an emotive experience for teens and youth. The platform is well-liked for of sharing memoirs with loved ones. In a similar way like other social media users, you can just click and connect with people in and around your circle to be their Snapchat friends.  Even if … Read more

snapchat face meanings

Here is a complete guide about Snapchat Face Meanings

Snapchat is one of the widely used social media and community platforms that allow a safe environment for creativity and expression to its users. For teens and youth this application acts as hasty and stirring way to share moment and memories with their friends. Alike any other social media service provider, Snapchat users are provided … Read more

Snapchat Could Not Refresh

Snapchat Could Not Refresh? Try These 5 Working Methods

There are different methods to solve the problem related to Snapchat Could Not Refresh. We all know today’s world is the online world. Everything thing could be available online. Snapchat is one of the essential apps to share something or to click photographs. You know that everything is deleting with the passage of time, this … Read more

longest snap streak

Longest Snapchat Streak

Are you excited to know about the longest Snapchat streak 2020? So just hold on your excitement and let us first discuss the Snapchat for the users who are new to this App. Snapchat is the latest platform that comes in the social media world. This app will launch its services in September 2011. The … Read more