Deslide: How to Quickly Remove Slideshow from Any Website

Do you feel annoyed by various slideshows on a website that you want to read? Today, there are various websites that can be seen by using the slideshows to showcase their list based web posts. But, sadly, there are various users that hate these slideshows. And, they also want to use a specialized web browser or want to use a specific tool for this purpose of deslide.


Actually, by using the slides on the website, it leads to more page views, low bounce rates, and higher ad impressions. It is also one of the tools which are used by various publishers and bloggers. This stats is very much important for search engines that are observed and help web page to get higher rankings & earn a lot of money online.

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But, slideshow tends to affect the user experience in a grave way. Slideshow interrupts the reading, slower down the website’s browsing speed & also uses more bandwidth.

Moreover, it is very annoying to click on the Next button when accessing the content each time. Sometimes more information is available on a particular page which is useful & not available somewhere else on the internet. And, in this consequence, you will be compulsory to click on slides. But then, from now on, you are able to deslide the irritating website slideshows & able to read the full content of the website in a go. Isn’t it good?

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Read Continue this article and get a simple solution to Deslide any slideshow of a website.

What is Slideshow in the Websites?

Firstly, you have to know, what a slideshow on a website is. There are various website owners who use various plugins and scripts which help to break their post in a slideshow on the website and make the content more comprehensible.

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And, the website’s post includes images, videos, and texts. Thus, if you want to read the post that contains a slideshow on the website, then you have to click on the next button to view the next slide. And, this is actually annoying.

But, now the question is why do the website’s owners do this? Just to enhance their page views & in-turn revenue. Like, if there is the post which is deslide already or the normal post, then the website’s owner obtains a single page view. But, on a slideshow, they can get an extra page view for the extra slides.

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Most of the people generally close the website having slideshow, but if the content is awesome, and not available on any other website, then they need to use various methods to deslide or remove the slideshow of the website. And, here are the best methods which help you to deslide a particular website.

How to Remove the Slideshow from a Website?

There are various methodologies that are available for web browsers. Although, there are some apps available which help to deslide a website, not all the apps work fine. Here, we are going to introduce two foremost methods of desliding a webpage. In the first method, we are using a web app for desliding a website and in the second method; we use a browser extension to remove the slideshow of the website. Following is a step-by-step guide for these two methods to get rid of slideshow –

Method-1: Remove Slideshow of a website by Using Web App – Clusterfake

There are various types of web apps available for desliding. But, here we discuss the one named as Clusterfake. It is a simple web app in which you need to put the URL of the website which you want to deslide. This app does not need any type of technical knowledge. You can proceed the working only through some basic understanding of the internet. Simply follow the steps below and get set go with website desliding.

Step-1 – Open the website which contains slideshow and you want to remove that slideshow. Now, copy the URL of that website.

Step-2 – After this, open the clusterfake app by simply click on the below link –

Step-3 –Navigate to rectangular box displayed on the top & paste the copied website link in that URL box.

Step-4 – Select a combination of elements available in the display menu which you would like to extract from the slideshow URL.

Step-5 –After filling the necessary information click on the Deslide option, wait for the page to load completely.

Congratulations! You have effectively removed the slideshow from that particular website.

Method-2: Deslide the Website by Using – PageZipper Extension

If the above method of desliding the website by using the Clusterfake web app is not working properly or you are dissatisfied with the above method, then there is an alternate method of desliding for you. You can use PageZipper Extension for removing the slideshow from a website. Following are the steps to deslide the website by using PageZipper Extension –

Step-1 –First, you have to install the Pagezipper browser extension in your web browser. Also, you can simply download it by clicking on below link –

PageZipper Extension

Step-2 – Open the website from which you want to remove the slideshow. After this, navigate to the corners of your browser & tap on the pagezipper browser extension icon.

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Step-3 – After this, the pagezipper tool will combine separate parts of the web page, & you can navigate them without stressing. You can also click on the numbers to jump directly from one part to another and navigate via the page zipper arrows.

Step-4 –And, if you want to load more options on the website, you have to click on the compatibility mode from the pagezipper drop-down menu. And, by clicking on this, you can simply read the posts without any frustration.

Pagezipper extension is easy to navigate & use. But, pagezipper browser extension will not suitable for the websites that have JavaScript. But still, you can use JavaScript blockers with pagezipper extension and continue with your deslide procedure.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the above two methods are the most widely used options for removing the slideshow from a website. You can use one of these two methods for obtaining a smooth website-browsing experience without any slideshow. But, there are a couple of things that you have to remember while expelling a Slideshow from the website. According to some facts, you ought to dispose of the slideshow of a website like an article or news, yet there can be content that ought to need to show a slideshow system. Sometimes, the website is not able to offer good quality of content, thus, going for the desliding of a website is not always a good option. Follow, the above two methods, and deslide the website.

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