What is Cisco Leap Module and Should you remove it from the system?

If you are a regular user of the windows then at an instant period of time when you want to install some programs in your system and you may become across with some of these programs such as Cisco LEAP Module, Cisco PEAP Module, and Cisco EAP-FAST Module. And, now think what these kinds of programs are? Are these programs safe for your computers or PCs or should you uninstall these or is uninstalling create any type of issue in your system? If you have some doubts then don’t worry. Continue reading there are several answers for your doubts written below.

What are the Cisco module programs?

The Cisco module programs are known as a bunch of programs which is powered by Cisco and such programs include –

  • PEAP which stands for Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • EAP-FAST this stands for Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
  • LEAP and it stands for Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol

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What is Cisco Leap Module?

The Cisco Leap module is a program which is 802.1X authentication for your LANs and WLANs which supports the robust authentication between client & RADIUS servers by using the credentials like login password as a shared secret.

Moreover, it offers the dynamic per user and per session the unique encryption keys as well. This program is installed on the Windows Vista/ XP/7/8/10 running PC, computer or laptop.

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The Cisco LEAP module has a top-notch benefit of 802.1X framework standard. Cisco Leap module was an initiate in pioneering EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) sustain for the WLANs at the time when none of the active client operating systems offered the EAP support. Cisco system introduces the Cisco LEAP module in Dec 2000 as the way to speedily enhance the overall safety of LAN or WLAN authentication.

Where is the Cisco Leap Module essential?

The Cisco Leap Module is primarily used for –

  • Mobile networks & users for outdoor infrastructure
  • Network connections in the campus area
  • Temporary networks used for portable and military purposes
  • Public access networks used in outdoor areas

Moreover, if the windows of your system are frequently restarting again and again, then you should know about the blue screen of the death error.

What is the Cisco EAP-FAST module?

Cisco EAP-FAST module is recognized as the proprietary etiquette of the Cisco Systems that is eagerly used to organize the 802.1X Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to users or organizations that can’t implement the strong password policy & does not necessitate the use of their certificates. Cisco EAP-FAST module protects your system against a bunch of network attacks, which includes the authentication forging, man-in-the-middle, packet forgery (replay attack), dictionary attacks, and weak IV attack (AirSnort). Moreover, it is widely used first and foremost with the wireless infrastructures of Cisco.

Should you remove the Cisco leap module, Cisco PEAP Module, or Cisco EAP-FAST Module?

In case of removing the Cisco modules, you need to ask the following questions to yourself –

  • Have you ever used the CISCO modules earlier?
  • Have you connected to the domain network?
  • Where there are any recent changes intended on the system prior to such issue?

And, if you have not used any type of domain network yet & you are not still using any type of Cisco module, you can direct to & delete or uninstall the Cisco LEAP, Cisco PEAP, and Cisco EAP-fast modules and it would not cause any issues.

In addition, if you by chance remove the Cisco leap module from your system, then it would not cause any type of severe issue in your computer because the Cisco LEAP and Cisco PEAP is known as the WiFi extension modules which are rarely used in these days, & only in some the larger companies or education wireless system. And, if you actually need the system which is unlikely, re-installing WiFi software in your computer or laptop which should actually do that.

That’s all about the Cisco modules. We really hope you get the complete and useful information about the Cisco leap, Cisco EAP-fast, and Cisco PEAP modules and how actually these modules work and should you remove them from your system or not.

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