How to view full size Instagram Photos

full size instagram pictures

Do you know that the images or pictures that are shown on Instagram profile are not shown in their original size? The actual pixels of the pictures are reduced. The number of picture’s pixel is reduced, and thus, diminishing the actual quality of the Instagram picture. It means that you are not essentially viewing the picture as it was to be seen, particularly if it is the highly saturated picture.

Don’t worry there are ways with the help of which are able to view full size Instagram photos. The two ways are outlined in this article.

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View Instagram Photo Full Size Via Desktop Browser

Step – 1: Open your Instagram account by using the internet browser. The desktop browser has many limitations like you are not able to click or the right click on the Instagram pictures from your Instagram news feeds. If you want to do this, you have to open the profile of a particular user.

Step – 2: After opening the Instagram on a desktop browser, go to the profile of that particular user whose picture you would like to view in full. You have to type the username of the Instagram user in the search bar and press ‘Enter’ from your keyboard.

Step – 3: When the user’s profile is opened, search for the picture that you would like to enlarge Instagram photo in full size. Now, click on that particular picture. This will enlarge the Picture and you can also hover over the picture current active view.

full size instagram photos

Step – 4: After clicking on the picture, /media/?size=l will appear after the last letterings in the address bar. For example, suppose the picture URL before clicking is – and after a click, it should be

Step – 5: When you have already type in /media/?size=l after photo’s URL, then press ‘Enter’ key from keyboard & Instagram will provide you actual & full size of user picture.

Apart from being capable to view the full size of the picture of a user, you will also able to view the medium & thumbnail version of that particular image. To view the image’s medium-sized version, you have to type in media/?size=m and to see the thumbnail version of the image, you have to type in media/?size=t after the URL of the image.

Step – 6: Moreover, apart from being able to view Instagram image in full size, you are also able to save them with just a right-click on particular photo & then select the “Save Image” option.

Use Instadp to view Full-Size Instagram Profile Pictures

If you would like to view full-size Instagram pictures, you can also view them with

Step – 1: On the website, go to the profile of the user whose profile picture you would like to view in full and type the username from your search bar.

Step – 2: Click Enter from a keyboard after typing the username. The website then allows you the view user’s profile image in full. You are also able to download the profile picture of the user.

Only you have to click on the ‘download’ button from the right side below of the photo. You will also able to see the user Instagram’s feeds if the profile of the user is set for the public.

Final Verdict

The above two ways are perfect for viewing Insta full-size pictures. We added these two methods of viewing Full-size Instagram pictures. Both of the methods work well for checking the actual photo which is uploaded by a particular user.

If you want to view enlarge or full-size Instagram pictures, you can now ensure that without downloading any third-party apps by simply opting for the above two methods.

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