How do Instagram views count work

Instagram is a platform, which users can use to advertise their products. The most tedious job is tracking the posts and the views of the users for each post. Here are the ways, which shows that how Instagram views work.

How views are counted in Instagram?

Instagram has the feature of counting the views on all the posts. In order to count the views, the must be visible in the news feed. The videos are played automatically while users have to start the video stories as they do not play automatically. The video should run for at least three seconds and then only the view is counted.

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The view of the story is counted as soon as it is opened. Instagram video views do not count the loops as videos. Another thing that the user should keep in mind is that vies of the embedded post is not counted. Users have to open the Instagram app and then only the view is counted. If a user views his own post or video, it is is not counted as a view.

Instagram count multiple Views?


People are confused regarding multiple views of a post by a single person. Users should know that Instagram counts the multiple views of a single post viewed by a single person. These views are divided into two categories, which are reach and impression.

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Marketers can use this tool, which will help them to get a good response from the advertising and other campaigns. Reach is referred to the number of users to whom the post has reached. Impressionism count if the total number of views on the post.

Checking Instagram views

The views counter feature of the Instagram app counts the views of the post. Many users come and visit the post. Users can see the views count by looking at the bottom of the post or the video. Also know the number of like and the people who liked it by clicking the number. Users will not be able to know the number of times a single user has watched the video as this facility is not available in the video counter.

Views count on other platforms

Besides Instagram, there are many other social media platforms, which count the views of the users for a particular post. Some rules of these platforms have the same rules as Instagram while some follow different rules. Let us have a look.


In the case of videos, the rule is the same as Instagram. It means that Facebook counts the views only when a video is watched for three seconds. Facebook also counts the embedded posts, which are not counted by Instagram.


Twitter also counts the views if the video is played for three seconds. It has also the feature of counting views from all devices.


Users have to watch a certain percentage of the video and then only it is counted as a view. Users have no knowledge about the percentage as YouTube has not disclosed it.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways in which Instagram counts the views for a post and videos. There are many other platforms whose rules are similar to Instagram.

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