avoid phishing from online hackers

Easy Ways To Avoid Phishing from Online Hackers

A rise in cyber attacks has made the internet a very risky place. Recently the corporate had to suffer a lot due to an attack of WannaCry Ransomware attack and NotPetya. This raises a question: How any user can protect themselves from such attacks and hackers wrong practices? Let us find out some amazing tips … Read more


Now you can login in Microsoft Account without using password

Earlier it was a bit tough to sign into Microsoft account. However, now it has become easier and secure to sign into the account. It is allowing anyone to sign in with FIDO2 security key devices which are a standard tool. It is to be noted that Microsoft is the first company to support authentication … Read more


Know the procedure to set up and secure your payments on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a Facebook owned app has recently introduced one of the biggest and significant feature know as WhatsApp Payments, which is a UPI-based payment method. Here’s how to set up WhatsApp Payments and thus send or receive money. WhatsApp Payments was announced recently rolled out for Indian users after being launched in February this year. … Read more

Do you really need antivirus or security apps for your android?

Android is one of the widely-used and popular operating systems across the world. It means that having the finest antivirus tools and even security apps for this operating system on your smartphone is essential. This is because often the operating systems of Google are highly targeted by malware and virus. It is important to have … Read more