What To Do When My Mac Freezes

[2023] What To Do When My Mac Freezes?

A frozen Mac can be irritating; especially when you’re in the middle of something important. That is the most common thing with each and every device. Your Mac can freeze because of too many apps and background processes running on your Mac at the same time, or you have not sufficient space in your drive. … Read more

AMP Devices Agent

What is AMPDevicesAgent? Fishy or Genuine? Find It Out Now in 2023!

If you own a Mac device you might have often seen an AMPDevicesAgent notification message seeking your permission to enter the keychain passwords. The message keep on popping up your Mac screen every now and then and it reads: “AMPDevicesAgent wants to use your confidential information stored in iOS backup in your keychain. To allow … Read more

iOS Simulator for Mac without XCode

[HOW TO] Launch iOS Simulator for Mac without XCode

Whether you are in to iOS App development or testing, it is important for you to learn to launch iOS Simulator for Mac device without using XCode. As many of the developers use to develop an IOS app without XCode specifically while developing a hybrid app where they usually consider React Native or Flutter as … Read more

Free XML Editor Mac

XML Viewer & XML Editor Mac OS: Best Pick for Users

XML, as abbreviated for Extensible Markup Language, is a widely used text-based markup programming language. It defines the set of rules meant for configuration of encoded documents. XML Editor Application is used for viewing or modifying the XML tags and syntax. If you are looking for a good XML Editor to be installed on your … Read more

How to check AppleCare

How To Check AppleCare: A Handy Guide

If you want to know about warranty status of your iPhone or planning to buy an extended AppleCare protection plan for you device, here’s how to check AppleCare. This article covers every aspect of the service including how to check for your AppleCare Warranty Status and other related topics. About AppleCare: Apple surely is one of … Read more

Update Python on Mac

Update Python on Mac: An Easy Guide

Python is among the most widely used programming language by developers. If you own MacBook or iMac and looking for the ways to update Python on your Mac device? you are on the right blog post. Though updating Python on Mac seems to be a tiresome process, we have compiled a couple of easy ways … Read more

How to Enable iTunes Dark Mode

How to Enable iTunes Dark Mode Theme on Mac and Windows

For many obvious reasons people prefer black or dark coloured themes for their smartphones, computer devices and other similar gadgets. Using black or dark mode not only gives a pleasant look to your device’s screen rather it offers multiple health benefits. It cuts down the chance of insomnia and limits the strain on eyes while … Read more