ipad charging slow

(Solved) iPad Charging Slow in 2023? Here are the Fixes!

Every time you gotta rush to a meeting, the first thing you do after waking up is plugging-in your iPad to the charger. Then, you finish rest of your work, come back and get shocked because it isn’t fully charged yet! Now all you can ask yourself is “why is my iPad charging slow”? If … Read more

How to Inspect Elements on iPad

[2023] How to Inspect Elements on iPad?

In a constant effort to provide optimized performance across mobile devices, developers try to build responsive websites and webpages. However, while doing so, they might face multiple challenges like, while creating a responsive design, a developer might encounter a specific rendering issue on a specific iPhone. But in such cases the developer needs to inspect the … Read more

iPad video converter

The Best iPad Video Converter for 2022: What’s Your Pick?

At times you might have experienced compatibility issues with a few video files to play smoothly on your iOS device. Or else you may every so often find it difficult to play a shared video on your iPhone/iPad. It all takes place because of hardware and/or software difference in devices. Moreover there are certain video … Read more

Know if Apple Pencil is Charging

Know if Apple Pencil is Charging: Here’s an Easy Guide

With its “Magically pair. Wirelessly charge.” feature, Apple Pencil gets attached magnetically to the side of the iPad Pro or iPad Air. It then automatically pairs with these devices and the charging process is on. Though Apple pencil is an amazing tool, but it won’t be of help if it isn’t charged enough. So if you don’t know … Read more