What is Amazon Prime Music Download Limit? [Find out Now]

We must be thankful to modern day entertainment technology to introduce OTTs and other Video Streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime that offer countless movies and shows at our disposal. In addition to that it gives us the freedom to download and watch our favorite video, listen to much loved music anytime, anywhere on our device. Having said that, if you wonder about the Amazon Prime Music download limit??? Here’s the article that will provide you a complete understanding on this topic.

About Amazon Prime Membership:

Amazon Prime Video, an admired video streaming platform, is a great entertainment destination for movie maniacs. It has an all-inclusive library of movies and TV shows, integrated with entertainment channels like Showtime, HBO for viewership of users. You can subscribe to these channels from within Amazon Prime itself.

Having a Prime membership grants you an access to all the exclusive Amazon Originals, blockbuster Bollywood movies, regional movies and many more videos. Not only that with just one membership, you can avail many benefits which includes ad-free music, exclusive deals, unrestricted free and fast delivery on selected categories and items, & so on.

It also gives you the leverage to watch it anywhere from the web or with the Prime Video app on your phone, tablet, or select Smart TVs. However you can access the app on maximum 3 devices at a given point of time.

Downloading Prime Videos to Watch Offline on Your Devices:

Download and go feature allows the users to enjoy videos offline by downloading them on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android device via the Prime Video app.

You can opt for download/stream a video via:

  • Purchase a video.
  • Rent a video.
  • Access by paid subscription or a promotional trial.

Amazon Prime has some specified rules not only for streaming but also for downloading videos to your device. However, as there are different membership and subscription plans available keeping in mind the nature of varied type of viewers, these rules also changes depending upon type of membership and plans subscribed to.

So, let’s get to know the download limits for each of the aforesaid option used to stream/download video.

amazon prime music

Amazon Prime Download Limits:

Amazon Prime Download Limit on Purchase/Rent

If you don’t wish to pay for subscribing to the entire library of videos, you can opt for either to purchase or rent a particular video from Prime Video store .

The video purchased or rented on Amazon Prime is meant to be watched offline on Android, iOS, Windows or Tablet devices. Since you are available with downloading of only the single video for which you have paid, there is no question of Amazon Prime download limit in either ofthe cases.

However the period for which a purchased or rented video remains available for you to watch offline do vary.

In case of a purchased video there exist no time restrictions as the video will be available for an indefinite period from the date of purchase.

While a rented video is available for maximum of 30 days, you must ensure to view it prior to the expiry of 30 days. It is also to be noted that once you have started watching the video you must finish it within next 48 hours.

Amazon Prime Download Limit on Paid Subscription

Prime is a huge repository of videos on hand under the Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership or the promotional trial. These videos can be accessed by paying a subscription fee for a month, a quarter, or a year.

When it comes to downloading the videos note that all the available titles can’t be downloaded. The downloadable ones have a download icon next to them; by clicking on this icon you can get them download to your device.

You can download utmost 15-25 video titles at one point of time. You must be very clear of the fact that it is not 15-25 videos per device, but 15-25 titles in all. Let’s consider an example to understand this, say you have downloaded 10 videos on one your phone, given that number of downloads, you can only have five more videos downloaded on any other phone or similar device by accessing your account on it.

The time frame for downloaded videos in case of paid subscription is same as that of rented video, i.e.; you are provided with that video for 30 days. Also once you start watching the video, you are given 48 hours to finish it.

Note: Keep this in mind that you won’t be able to watch the downloaded videos (even if those are within the 30 days) if your subscription expires or you have cancelled it.

Amazon Prime Music Download Limit

Prime Music is an extra feature wherein you get to listen songs online and also store them to enjoy offline. It is only available inside the Amazon Music app. The application comes with a limitation that there is no option to export titles for use on other apps and devices, and nor it can be copied onto CDs and other external storage.

However Prime Music has no limitations what so ever on number of downloads and you can go on downloading as many songs as you like offline playback. The only constrain you have is the number of devices on which you access the app, as Prime Music can be downloaded on maximum four authorized devices.

To download Prime Music you are required to perform following steps:

Launch Prime Music App.

Log in by entering valid credentials.

Select the music (song, album, playlist, etc.) you wish to download.

Tap on More Options and select Download.

Hope that you have now got an idea on prime music download limit in 2022.

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