No App Found to Open URL: Here’s A Quick Guide To Fix The Issue

Android, the most popular operating system, is a dominant platform in the world. It is ranked as widely-accepted operating system with more than 2.5 billion active users across in excess of 190 countries and a global market share of 75 percent. Despite of its huge success users have often reported a few common problems associated with it, one of which being “No App found to open URL”. If are also facing the same problem and looking to know about its causes and corrective actions, you have luckily landed on the right blog.

This blog post will let you understand the reasons as to why this No App found to open URL error appears and what are the various methods to get rid of it. Well with no wastage of time, let’s talk business and here we go….

What does the “No app found to open URL” error means?

No app found open URL problem occurs only when you search about something on Google but couldn’t manage to connect with given URL links listed on search results. This error indicates that there is some kind of problem which prevents the user from accessing a particular URL instead of the connection being opened.

Usually it happens due to your mobile browser, i.e.; either the browser is disabled or there is no browser installed on your mobile. However, subsequent to a thorough study on the topic we have tried to get to the root of the actual problem and compiled this article to tell you a few of the potential reasons as to why this error occurs. Here’s a brief of it.

Why “No app found to open URL” error occurs?

To answer the above question as to why “No app found open URL” happens, here’s is a list of factors which can trigger the issue. Let’s have a look at it:


Application Disabled:

The first and foremost reason behind getting such error message is the fact that the user may have possibly disabled certain system applications with the purpose of saving battery consumption or storage space. But such actions may result into No app found error if that particular application has a bearing on the operating system. For instance, applications like Google Play Store and Browser shouldn’t be disabled as they are quite imperative to most of the system functions.

Preferences Glitch:

As a default feature in Android, users are allowed to configure any specific application to be set as a preferred one. This helps you in opening certain kinds of links. But at the same time this feature comes with its own glitches which may often give way to happening of the No app found to open URL error.

Having understood the reasons behind the problem, let’s now dive into the solutions by which you can eliminate this issue on your Android mobile.

How to Fix “No app found to open URL” error?

If you are getting No app found to open URL error, whilst you are trying to visit a link provided in some of the Google search results, following solutions may work for you in resolving the problem. Continue reading to know the feasible fixes to apply when encountered No app found to open URL issue.

Fix#1: Check for the Disabled Applications

It is obvious that your mobile has some pre-installed apps and these are essential for smooth functioning and stability of tasks performed by the operating system. If you have any of these system apps disabled then you may ended up with No app found open URL error. To overcome the problem, you must check for disabled applications and enable the system application that has been disabled (if any). Here’s how to do it:

  • To start with, drag down the error notification and head to the setting cog.
  • Scroll down to find the “Apps” Option and select it.
  • Next tab on “Application Manager”.
  • Here you can see the system application; check for whether the “Browser” and the “Google Play Store” are disabled or not.
  • In case they are disabled, you must get them enabled by clicking on the toggle button provided next to each.
  • Once you have enabled the system applications, try to open the URL and check if problem is fixed.

Fix#2: Reset Your System Preferences

Another way to get rid of No app found to open URL Android problem is by resetting the system preferences on your mobile phone. Since system preference glitch is one of the reasons which cause issues in opening URLs, you can easily resolve it by performing the steps mentioned below to reset the system preferences:

  • First of all, navigate to the settings cog.
  • Here scroll down and select the System Preferences options.
  • Now tab the “Three dots” provided at the top right corner.
  • Finally select the “Reset Application Preferences” and see if the issue is resolved.

The Bottom-line:

No app found open URL is an issue which many of the Android users are facing. You can get the problem fixed by using the methods mentioned aforesaid in the article. Hope the solutions may work well for you.

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