Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared? Check How to See in 2023

Facebook, well liked by people of all ages, is the supreme social media platform with billions of active users. Soon after its launch, Facebook out smarted the likes of Orkut and Hi5 (the then leading social sites) and later on entirely took over the social media space. Facebook messenger is an inclusive messaging platform of the Facebook which allows you to stay connected with family and friends in extra special way. In the course of making social yet personal communications via Facebook messenger, you inquire about well-being and whereabouts of your dear and near ones. But you get a bit concerned when their Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared for a prolonged time.

Through this article, you will understand all possible reason why you can’t be able to see the “Last Active” status on Facebook Messenger. Additionally it will tell you about how you can see it again in 2023.

What is Last Active Feature on Facebook Messenger?

The “Last Active” feature shows you the status of other user’s activeness. In other words, this feature let you to see that at what time the person was last online on the Facebook Messenger application. Let’s consider an example to have more clarity on it. Say, if someone last used the app half an hour and was online before 30 minutes, hence you will get to see their Last Active status saying “Active 30 m ago”. It usually is displayed underneath the user’s name in your chat section. Alternatively, if the user is active on the app currently then a green dot appears on their profile picture.

If you come to notice Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared for one or more of your chats here’s why it is so.

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Why Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared?

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The “Last Active” status is not visible for everyone, and depends on the privacy settings of the user as well as a few other scenarios. There are certain obvious reasons as of why “Last Active” disappeared and you can’t be in a position to see the active status on Facebook Messenger.

Last Active disappearing from Messenger for a user could be because of the fact that either that user has turned off the Last Active feature, or you are being blocked by them. On the other hand, it could also be a resultant of the person’s absence or non-availability for quite some time (like more than 24 hours).

These reasons are dealt in detail below:

1. “Active Status” being turned off

The first and most probable reason behind you not getting to see last seen status is because the person might have turned off their “Active Status”. In other words, they may have disabled the “Shown when you’re active” setting.

Using this privacy feature you can hide your active status. It is available under the setting on the Messenger App, and you can get to access it by tapping on your profile picture. Here you will find an option called “Active Status”. If you turn off the status, then it will not be shown to other users. Alternatively, when the status is turned on, your friends will come to know when you have last used and were active on Facebook Messenger.

Note: When you turn off “Last Active” status you won’t also be able to see when the other person was last active on the Messenger App.

2. You’re blocked by them on Messenger

Second reason as of why Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared from a specific chat could be that the person has blocked you on Messenger. If this is the case then their “Last Active” status will not be visible in your chat box and continue to be the same as unless you are unblocked.

If you’re blocked by a person on Facebook Messenger, then you won’t be able to see that person’s “Last Active” status. Additionally, in such instance the person will also not get any messages or receive calls from your side. However, when the person unblocks you, getting messages and calls resumed as per normal as well as their active status will be shown again on your chat screen.

3. Being inactive for long:

Yet another reason could be the inactiveness of users or them being offline for more than 24 hours. If a user has not been on Facebook for a long time (like for more than a day or so) then “Last Active” status will not be shown against their profile. To confirm for their inactivity you can check for the person’s recent activity (such as posts, comments etc.) on Facebook.

How can you tell if someone has turned off their status on Messenger?

It is pretty simple to tell whether someone has turned off their status or not. To verify the same you just have to look at their recent activity on Facebook. If the person has posted something recently on Facebook yet their Last Active disappeared on Messenger, then they have probably turned off their active status.

Note: Facebook Messenger Last Active Disappeared might not always be because of the fact that user has turned off their active status, as an alternative, their active status might not be showing due to their inactivity on Facebook i.e.; when the person has not been on Facebook for more than a day or week.

How can you see hidden Last Active status on Messenger?

Sorry to say, but there is no practical way to see the disappeared last active status of a person who has turned off their “Last Active” status, or for the one who has blocked you on Messenger.

In other cases, you can see it by turning on (if it is turned off) “Active Status” on your profile. Once you turn it on, you will get to see the hidden last active status of your friends and contacts on Messenger.

Why does my friends last active status disappeared from messenger?

If one of your friends’ last active was disappeared from messenger, there could be plenty of reasons behind it. The #1 reason is that your internet isn’t working properly and other reasons include the person might have blocked you or has turned off the last seen option.

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