Easy Fix to Solve Netflix Won’t Full-screen on Chrome Issue in 2023

With over 200 million paid memberships in more than 190 countries across the globe, Netflix is undoubtedly the front runner among the world’s leading entertainment services. It offers an assortment of TV series, documentaries and feature films crosswise genres and languages. This makes it a perfect place to get entertainment booster. However watching videos with no full screen mode is not that pleasurable as it should be other way around. If you are the one facing Netflix won’t go full screen on Chrome or other platform or devices you must read through this blog post to know the reasons and remedies to fix the issue in 2023.

Why Netflix won’t go full screen?


Practically speaking there are a hell lot of factors affecting full screen mode on Netflix. Some of the common causes restricting Netflix to go full screen are listed below:

  • An obsolete (out of date) browser
  • Corrupted cache and cookies data
  • Flash player glitches
  • Browser’s incompatibility issues (due to add-ons and themes)
  • TV software problems (in case of using Netflix on a smart TV)

There may be other reasons beyond the aforesaid ones.

However, you can fix the problem at your end using the tried and tested methods covered in this blog post. To have a seamless viewing experience and enjoy your favorite movies and videos in full screen you can consider one or the other fix to solve the said problem:

Fix #1: Re-launch The Browser

To start with, you can always try to fix this problem by re-launching the Chrome. At times your browser may experience one or the other glitch restricting certain functionalities to operate as they supposed to be; which even includes issue related with disturbing the normal viewing of videos in full screen mode.

If this is the reason in your case the problem can be easily fixed by restarting the browser. Just take simple steps as follows:

  • Exit all of the windows on Chrome
  • Re-launch the browser
  • Go to the video you were watching your replay it.

Fix #2: Use The Full Screen Shortcut “F”

It happens at times when you got stuck and couldn’t turn on the full-screen mode while watching movies or other videos on Netflix. In such situation you won’t be able to see videos on full screen as the full screen button on your media player may not work, while on the other hand the double-tap screen option gets affected by some glitches.

If you are fortunate and there exist no other problem, you can simply fix the problem using the full-screen shortcut “F”. Just go for it and get the issue resolved in a blink of an eye.

Fix #3: Clear Cache And Cookies

Many operational problems are resultant of cache and cookies data and hence you can get rid of quite a few of such peculiar problems by clearing corrupted data relating cache and cookies. All you need to do is clear cached data and cookies on your Chrome browser and then open it again. Additionally, you can also navigate to netflix.com/clearcookies and get the Netflix cookies cleared. 

This will probably help you resolve the issue and get your videos played in full screen mode.

Fix #4: Update Browser

One of the causes behind full screen problems with Netflix on Chrome is the version of browser itself. Outdated browser may result into this issue. Thus to resolve the problem you can try your luck by updating Chrome and getting the latest version of it.

Even after you have installed the last update and the problem still persists you can switch to some other browser to optimize performance and reduce such hiccups or try hands on other fix given herein.

Fix #5: Update Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the software that is in use when streaming and viewing videos on your computer. Therefore, if your flash player is outdated, you are likely to experience a number of problems, including the full screen option not working on Netflix and other video streaming services.

Updating your flash player to the most recent version can help fix the problem. If you are using Microsoft Silverlight, an alternative plugin to the Adobe Flash Player, you should ensure that it is also updated to the latest version.

Also, you should note that having two similar plugins on your computer can cause glitches when playing your video. Therefore, you should only use Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

Fix #6: Uninstall Avoidable Add-Ons And Other Redundant Browser Features

Every now and then, add-ons and other features of Chrome can cause problem in video player application, restricting proper functioning or activation of full screen mode. For instance, a few add-ons can get in the way of flash player to work smoothly, at the same time several theme features affect full screen mode on Chrome browser.

In order to resume normalcy, you need to uninstall needless and avoidable add-ons, remove other Chrome feature.

Fix #7: Restart (Reboot) Your Smart TV

Watching Netflix on a Smart TV is always a better choice enhancing the streaming and viewing experience of users. But at times you may face the full screen issue even on Smart TV.

If it happens to you, simply reboot your TV and that might work for you. To reboot your Smart TV, you need to perform underlying tasks:

  • Power off the TV using the remote
  • Now get the plug off the power board
  • Wait for couple of minutes, and plug back the power cable
  • Now switch on the power button

Note: A few models of Smart TVs have a built in restart option under the settings menu. You can reboot it directly from there if your TV has got such option.

That’s all..!! Hope the above mentioned solutions can help you to fix Netflix won’t go full screen on Chrome problem.

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