Make PS4 Controller Vibrate – Here’s An Easy Guide in 2023

Every gamer in one or the other way is fond of Play Station Gaming Consoles. PS4 undoubtedly has been an incomparable revolution in the field of gaming. Offering a perfect blend of quality, features, appearance and price, the gaming console is surely the most preferred choice of many among the gaming community.  But when it comes to the PS4 controller, users have different thoughts and likings, taste and preferences. Some prefer fully transparent while a few other likes them to be totally colourful, a number of gamers want to have themed controller on the other hand some want the controller to be vibrating at all times.

In that context a lot of gamers have been frequently asking about “How to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously.” If you are also the one looking for an answer to this question, probably you have landed on the right blog post.

We have compiled this article to let you know about the methods on how to make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously. So let’s dive into the topic and learn more about it to further enhance gaming experience.

How to Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously?

If you wonder that is there any way out to make PS4 controller vibrate constantly and curious about knowing the methods to let your controller vibrate endlessly just continue reading the section below.

Here’s a discussion about direct ways alongside a few third-party apps and software to make possible about the non-stop vibration of PS4 and other similar hacks. So, let’s know how do you make a PS4 controller vibrate? 

In order to make your PlayStation4 controller vibrate continuously, the very first thing you need to ensure is that the controller is connected to a PS4 gaming console. Next to that you are required to enable the vibration mode of PS4 controller. Here’s is how to enable vibration mode on PS4.

How to Enable Vibration in PS4 Controllers?

This can be done by undertaking the steps as mentioned below:

  • Power on your console and head to the “Setting” section and here select “Device.”
  • From the list of devices locate and select your PS4 controller.
  • You will get to see the vibration options appearing on your screen.
  • Just check the “Enable Vibration” option from here and then close the settings.

That’s it. Now your PS4 controller will keep vibrating anytime while in use to play games.

Alternatively, you can also enable vibration on your PS4 controller by using third-party apps. But we won’t recommend you to use third-party apps to make the controller vibrate. You should only be using it if the vibration setting on your PS4 console is not functioning appropriately.

Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously Using DS4 Windows:

As an alternative to the above method you can also make PS4 controller vibrate using DS4. Here’s how to do it.

  • Power on your PC and run the DS4Windows application. (Note: Remember to save the settings as Hide DS4 controller.)
  • Now pair/connect the PS4 controller with your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Thereafter, open Rocket League and enter play for free.
  • To turn down the controller, press the center button + options for me.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to the PC via micro USB.
  • Finally, turn on your PS4 controller and you will find it vibrate continuously.

Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Continuously Using Third-party App/Software:

In case you fail to use DS4Windows option (as discussed above) to make PS4 controller vibrate effectively, then you can even make it work on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This can be done with the help of a third-party app called iVibrate. This is a free to use app that can make the PS4 controller vibrate continuously. Following are the steps to be undertaken for this process:

  • To start with, navigate to the official web site or visit to download the iVibrate driver app.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, install it on your PC.
  • Wait a while till the installation process is completed, then run the iVibrate driver app to make your controller vibrate continuously.

Note: The iVibrate driver app is also available for the MacOS.

But, what if you want to disable the vibration mode? Let’s check it out here…

How to Disable Vibration on PS4 Controllers ?

To disable the vibration mode on your PS4 controller, you need to perform the detailed step as provided here under:

  • Head to the “Setting” section and here select “Device.”
  • From the list of devices locate and select your PS4 controller.
  • You will get to see the vibration options appearing on your screen.
  • Just uncheck the Enable Vibration option.

This will now disable the vibration mode on your PS4 controller.

Summing Up

With the help of methods mentioned above in the article, you have successfully learned about “How to make PS4 controller vibrate”. Hope you find the methods helpful and use them to make your PS4 controller vibrate continuously.

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