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make PS4 controller vibrate

Make PS4 Controller Vibrate – Here’s An Easy Guide in 2023

Every gamer in one or the other way is fond of Play Station Gaming Consoles. PS4 undoubtedly has been an incomparable revolution in the...
PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow

“PS4 Controller Flashing Yellow” – A Simple Guide

Just noticed the light indicator of your PS4 controller is stuck to be Yellow/Orange and fail to change or turn to any other colour....
Why is my PS4 Controller Red

“Why is My PS4 Controller Red?” – Causes and Corrective Actions

Ever noticed different lights flashing on PS4 controller and wondered, “Why is my PS4 Controller Red?” Well getting a red light on PS4 is...
Know if your PS4 Controller is Charging

Know if your PS4 Controller is charging: Here’s an easy guide

If you are a crazy gamer and use to spend a lot of time playing your favorite games on PlayStation, it might call for...
NP-34957-8 error on PS4

Enjoy Seamless Gaming: Learn To Fix NP-34957-8 Playstation Error

The Playstation 4 (PS4), backed by Sony is regarded as one of the most popular gaming consoles in the global market. Though most of the...

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