Guide: Know How to Delete AOL Email Account

Do you have your AOL Email Account and you want to delete the AOL Email account? You have to wish to create your new AOL account? Do you have various email accounts? Or do you find that your AOL account is ineffective?

delete aol account

Whatever the case is – you have to delete your AOL account. Now, the major concern is “How do you delete your AOL Email account?” Whatever the reason behind the deletion of your AOL account, you have to consummate action by simply twigging on the instructions that we have stated below –

How Do I Delete My AOL Account?

Truth be told, you can’t delete/ deactivate the AOL account without closing all AOL accounts that mean losing the access from all the AOL services which include AIM instant messenger.

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Moreover, the emails & address book is deleted permanently after 3 months; you cannot recover your previous account after 90 days.

And, you can also reactivate the AOL & get back the address book if you log-in again by using the AOL username & password.

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Here are steps that you have to follow if you want to delete your AOL Email Account


Step –1: Open your AOL page on the web browser. To open the AOL page, you have to sign in your AOL account by simply trapping your login options that are situated on the right side top corner of the AOL web page.

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Step – 2: After login to your AOL account, you have to roll down & then select the option named as “My Account”. This will finally steer your account & the service page. Moreover, you have to take precaution that not to click on the option “My Account”, which is present on the left side of the web page as it will redirect you elsewhere which is beside the point.

Step – 3: Now, click on the link named – “Manage My Subscriptions” it is located below the heading ‘Services’ on the left-hand side of the ‘My Account’ page.

Step – 4: Now, you have to move to the ‘Cancel’ option, that you will find on the lower right side of the section which is named as ‘Plan Information’. Click on it. And, while doing so takes you to the cancellation part.

Step – 5:when you are on the cancellation window, tap to the option – “Cancel my AOL Account”. It is placed on the lower portion of the Window. Once this button is clicked, it will permanently delete my AOL email account.

Things to Remember Before closing AOL email account

If you delete your paid AOL account in the middle of the billing cycle, you will have access to your services until the end of your payment cycle as payments are made in advance. But, once your billing cycle is completed, you will not be able to access the address book of your AOL account — unless you restart your account within 3 months of cancellation.

In this way, you can delete/ close the AOL email account permanently& easily. I hope the above step-by-step guide solves your concern about “How to delete your AOL Email Account”.

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