Know how to fix “check your connection and try again” error in Google Play Store


A lot of people use google play store to download their favourite apps. In facts, the play-store is the biggest store for apps on Android. Many useful apps can be downloaded from the Play-store and many benefits can be availed by using the services of Google play store.


There are times when people face several errors while accessing play-store. These Google play store errors can be due to system configurations, online connectivity or there can be other reasons for these errors. One such common error while accessing the play-store error is “Check your connection and try again”. This is a very common error faced by the users of play-store. Here we will discuss the key aspects of this error and ways to rectify this error. 

Here, various ways to rectify or solve this particular error are presented. These are different ways and one or the other way will work for you as well. These different methods have worked for different people. So try out these methods, until your problem is not solved.

The first step in order to fix this error is to check your internet connection. There are times when this error is due to slow internet connectivity. Hence, it is advised to check the internet connectivity before heading to any of the methods described below. If the error has originated due to the slow internet connection, it will be solved by increasing the speed off the internet and diagnosing the internet connection. 

Check your network connection and try again – Method 1


One of the reasons due to which, this error originate is the wrong date and time of the phone. That is if your phone has a wrong date and time, which is different from the current date and time, this error can pop up. To fix this error one must correct the date and time of his / her smart-phone.

To do this one can go to Settings and then Date and Time. One can then click on the “Enable automatic Date and Time”

 Now following the above steps once again click the link of play-store and see if the error is fixed. If the error is not fixed by the above method you will have to try some other method, some of which are described below.

Please check your connection and try again – Method Two

Another reason for popping out of this error is due to cache and browsing data saved in the memory. The cache and browsing data can lead to this particular error in many cases. So if you are getting the error while using the Play Store, just clear the cache and data.

For removing the Cache and Data, first, go to settings and then to application settings. In many smart-phones, the application settings are mentioned as apps. Now going to all the apps, one should click on clear cache and data. After clearing the cache and all data, one will have to force stop the application and then restart the phone.

After clearing the cache and data, once again start the application to see if the same error is still coming. If the same error persists, try out the other methods, which are described below. 

Method Three

The other method to get rid of the error is to remove the Google accounts from your smartphone and resign in the Google accounts. In order to follow this method, one will have to remove all the Google accounts, which are signed in. After removing the accounts, one will have to restart the android phone. Now restarting the android phone, one can again login or sign-in to the Google accounts with the required credentials.

After signing in to the Google Accounts, just start the play store and see if the error still persists. It the play store is still giving the same error, one can follow the other methods to fix this particular error.

Method Four

The next method to fix this error is to check the Proxy Settings. The wrong Proxy Settings can be the reason for getting the error in the play store. Check the proxy settings and see if they are proper. Correcting the proxy settings can solve your problem and can fix this error.

For many cases, the wrong proxy setting is the reason for this error. There are high chances that your problem will be solved on following this method. This method has also got good reviews from many users.

The steps to follow this method are as follows:

  • First one will have to go to the Wifi Settings.
  • In the Wi-Fi Settings, one will have to open the Advanced Settings.
  • Then you have to set the Proxy Settings option to the “None”.

The above method in maximum cases will solve your problem and fix the error. However, if the error is not fixed by this method, try to follow the other methods, which are described below.

Method Five

Another Important method, which can be followed to fix this particular error, is to delete the host files. The host files should be deleted only for the rooted devices. Deleting the host file can probably fix this error if it was not possible to fix this error by the above methods. In order to follow this method, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, one will have to download the Root explorer from the browser.
  2. Then one will have to search for the host file in the folder.
  3. After locating the host file one will have to delete the host file.
  4. Now, deleting the host file, it is required to restart one’s device
  5. Then one can download the apps from the play store and see if the error has got fixed or not.

Thus, we have seen some of the ways, which can be used to solve the “Please Check your network connection and try again” android error. There is a possibility that the user will have to try more than one method mentioned above to fix the “Google Play Check Your connection” error. The methods mentioned here are presented from the experience or real users, who were facing a similar error.


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