Best Discord Role Ideas for 2024 : Cool, Aesthetic & Random

Adding roles are indeed a great way to be of assistance while you try to run and maintain a Discord server. Moreover finding cool and crazy role ideas for your server is always a good choice to boost morale of the community members and keep them additionally engaged. If you are looking to add some sort of spice to your Discord roles and community or want to give it a bit of distinct flair, you can take into consideration a special naming convention corresponding to the hierarchy of your Discord role ideas. Starting from administrative roles to everything underneath it you can go on to choose and apply interesting roles as per your preferred server theme! Today we will discuss simple yet superior, Discord role ideas for 2024.

What Does Discord Role Mean And How It Works?

If you are in possession of a Discord server, you have to create roles for it. Adding roles is imperative as it forms a hierarchy. Roles let you to put in order your server members and to grant them certain authority. With assignment of roles, you can customize the permissions of each member. Say for example, you have some staff members then you can create for them a role of an “Admin” and/or a “Mod”. Similarly, when you have a co-owner for the server, you can create a “Co-Owner” role and many more.

As per default settings on Discord, there exists a “@everyone” role for members of your Discord server. This role is provided with standard permissions such as viewing channels, creating invites, and sending messages. Apart from these, there are quite a lot of other permissions which you can enable for members giving them access like viewing server insights and managing webhooks.

And here you always have the option for editing the role of any member so as to enable or disable specific permissions. Once you create a particular role, you are then required to assign members by yourself to the said role.

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Here Are Exciting Discord Role Ideas You’re Looking For:

General Corporate Hierarchy Role Ideas

The best way to get your server roles is to keep is as simple as possible. You can use the general corporate terms reflecting the organization hierarchy as listed below:

  • CEOs/CFOs = Administrators 
  • Managers = Mods
  • Workers = Staff
  • Clients = Members
  • Office Equipments  = Bots

Military Hierarchy Discord Role Ideas

You could go out to find your own version hierarchies, and yet another hierarchy to be considered for the purpose of assign names and roles on Discord servers could be opting for a military as:

Commander/Major = Administrators

Sergeant = Mods

Corporal = Staff

Infantry = Members

Guns/Canon = Bots

Medieval Hierarchy Discord Role Ideas

Taking another clan into account, you can even make your role system based on medieval ranking system, which could look something like:

  • King/Queen = Administrators
  • Prince/Princess = Mods
  • Lord/Bishop = Staff
  • Peasants = Members
  • Armory/Cattle/Carriages = Bots

Entertainment Discord Role Ideas

If you are very much fond of movies, television series, games or other such source of entertainment. You can go on to pick a specific movie, TV series, or a game to name your server roles making it attractive as well as catering a mass appeal. Consider an example of Marvel Cinematic Universe as follows:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • The Avengers = Administrators
  • Guardians of the Galaxy = Mods
  • Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel = Staff
  • Agents of Shield = Members
  • Ultron/Vision = Bots

Random Discord Role Ideas

If there’s nothing special in your mind right now but still you want to create some distinct name and assign role for members on your server; you can always go with random discord roles may be by taking into consideration some random stuffs including animals, colors, flowers, fruits etc.

Here’s how to do so:

Colors Role Ideas

  • Black = Administrators
  • Reds = Mods
  • Greens = Staff
  • Orange = Members
  • White = Bots

Animals Role Ideas

  • Loin = Administrators
  • Elephant = Mods
  • Other Animals = Staff
  • Monkeys = Members
  • Fish = Bots

Flowers Role Ideas

  • Lotus = Administrators
  • Rose = Mods
  • Lavender = Staff
  • Marigold = Members
  • Sunflower = Bot

Fruits Role Ideas

  • Mango = Administrators
  • Apple = Mods
  • Grapes = Staff
  • Cherries = Members
  • Watermelon= Bot

Emoji Discord Role Ideas

Adding some emojis which gives out best expressions for specific role can be a great fun to use. It can add humor and cool twist to the roles by simply browsing through Discord emojis and have your pick to get started!


How do you make a cool role in Discord?

You can always think about a theme and make a hierarchy of it. It could be from your favorite movie or from the series you recently enjoyed.

What are the best discord role ideas?

Discord is a platform where you can create roles for your servers/groups. Here you will find the coolest and best of discord role ideas for 2024.

What is the purpose of a ‘Bot’ role in Discord?

A ‘Bot’ role is assigned to automated bots. It helps manage permissions and control what actions the bot can perform within the server.

What does ‘@everyone’ mean in Discord roles?

‘@everyone’ is a default role in Discord that includes all members. It sets the baseline permissions for everyone in the server. Changes to ‘@everyone’ apply universally.

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