How to Delete Multiple Instagram Photos at Once in 2023

Instagramming is a very loved time pass these days. Today, everyone has Instagram accounts, especially youngsters where they can share videos, photos, and are able to connect with their friends and strangers, can follow their favourite celebrities, promote their products, and also can shop. Sometimes, if a user doesn’t like any post or story and wants to delete, he can easily delete that post or story. But what if they wanted to delete multiple Instagram photos?

If you have an account on Instagram, then you must have tried to delete multiple Instagram photos at least at one time from your Instagram account! Did you succeed? Did Instagram, the happening social media site, allow you to do so? I think it’s a big NO! Instagram does not allow you to delete multiple Instagram photos at once. You cannot delete more than one photo in a single go.

The problem arises whether you are using Instagram App on your Smartphone or Computer. There is no option on Instagram which allows you to delete multiple Instagram photos. You will have to delete all of the photos one by one.

But we have an option that enables you to delete multiple Instagram photos from your account and do not let you get irritated.

Sadly, such a big social media site has no solution to this but there are some developers who have developed Apps to mass delete Instagram posts.

Today, there are so many Apps on the App Store to delete multiple or all Instagram Photos in a single go. These are third-party apps which allow you to delete multiple photos from your Instagram at one tap. But, before installing those Apps beware that most of those Apps are crap only and are of no use.

In this article, we are suggesting you the only trustworthy Apps which help you to delete Multiple Instagram Photos from your account in a single tap. So without wasting any time, here is the solution.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Photos

Let’s start with the basics and learn to delete a single photo from the Instagram account. The steps are too simple to follow:

1: Go to the Instagram App on your smartphone by scrolling down.

2: Next go to your profile icon from the bottom bar. Reach at the photo that you want to remove from the profile.

3: After selecting the photo, click on the ‘3 vertical dots’ icon from the top right side of the photo. It opens a few options such as post to other Apps, Copy link, Share to, Archive, Edit, and Delete.

4: The two options: Archive and Delete deal with photos removing and deleting. If you want to hide your photo, then Tap on Archive. After this, only you can see that pic. Tap the ‘Delete’ option. It will delete that photo instantly.

With these simple steps, you can delete a single photo at one go.

Delete Multiple Instagram Photos (Third-party Apps)

With Apps, multiple photos can be deleted. These are a third party Apps and the best Apps to mass delete Instagram Photos:

  • Unfollow & Cleaner for Instagram
  • Cleaner for Instagram – Unfollow, Block, and Delete
  • Mass Delete for Instagram

Let’s learn the 3 mentioned Apps in detail

1. Unfollower for Instagram

It is one of the best apps to mass delete the photos from the Instagram account. By following only a few steps with this app, you can delete Multiple Photos from your Instagram:

Step 1: First Download and Install  Instant Cleaner for Instagram from Google Play Store on your mobile phone if it is an android smartphone.

Step 2: To login into your Instagram account use your credentials. Reach the ‘Post’ icon from the bottom bar. You will see all the Photos/Videos which you have posted on your Instagram account.

Step 3: Start tapping on the Photos and select them. You can select or deselect as well. Then tap on ‘Options’ from the Top bar. After making the final selection, tap on the ‘Delete’ option from the top bar. As soon as you tap the delete option, it will start deleting your photos.

Note: There is a truck when you tap and hold on any Photo/videos, all the previous posts will get selected automatically. There are 15 operations offered by the free version of this app.

Each operation allows you to delete upto 5 Photos at a time. So, you can delete 75 photos for free. For the Pro version, you can pay $4.99 and buy to delete multiple photos.

2. Unfollow & Cleaner for Instagram 2023

The App Cleaner for Instagram is not only to delete multiple Instagram photos but it is a multipurpose tool to perform operations. With this App, you can like in bulk, you unfollow in bulk, you can delete in bulk, you can block in bulk etc.

So, let’s learn how to use this App for bulk operations:

1: Download and Install: Cleaner for Instagram app from Google Play store for your Android smartphone.

2: Open this app and with the help of username and password, login into your account.

3: After logging in, in the bottom bar, you will see the ‘Media’ option. Select the photos or videos you want to delete. For multiple media posts, tap on the ‘Quick Select’ blue button.

Step 4: Once you made the selection, an icon will appear, just tap on it and tap ‘Delete’ icon. Click ‘Start Now’ to delete all the selected posts.

Note: There are 50 operations offered by the free version of this app to perform delete or any other operations. The Pro or Cloud Version is available at $3-$5 for unlimited use.

#3. Mass Delete for Instagram


This App Mass Delete for Instagram is for Mass deletion, Mass like/unlike, Mass follow/unfollow. This App does not come for free and is not available on Google Play Store. It is available on other App stores. The App performs operations similar to the ‘Instant Cleaner for Instagram’ app. So, by following the same steps, you can perform the action of Mass Deletion.

Step: Download and Install: Mass Delete For Instagram (Third-party website) from any App store other than Google Play Store. Perform the same process as Instant Cleaner and delete multiple Instagram photos in a single tap.

Thing to remember: The Apps for mass deletion of photos ask Instagram credentials like Instagram Username and Password to process. They also say that they will save only your Instagram Username not Password. So, it is advised to change the password of your Instant Account after performing the required tasks.

In the article, we have suggested the easiest ways to solve your problem to delete multiple Instagram photos from your Instagram account in a single go. With these ways, deleting photos in bulk in a single go by avoiding the hassle of deleting photos one by one is too easy. You will just need the help of third-party applications and the best ones we have suggested. So, posts photos in bulk and also delete photos in bulk.

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