How to Log Out Instagram from All Devices Remotely

Log Out Instagram from All Devices

The world is now completely digitised and it has taken social media to another platform. The craziness for social media can easily be seen in all age groups. People like to spend their most of the time surfing the internet, connecting people, posting photos, videos, and stories and let the world know their whereabouts. But, even after being protected by full security policies, using social media is not safe. Users should not use their account on many devices simultaneously, so that others can take disadvantage of it. So, learn how to log out Instagram from all devices remotely?

However, to secure users’ privacy and to protect their account from hackers, many social networking sites keep on adding security features such as two-factor authentication, remote log out etc. But unfortunately, the most famous sites such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram do not have any such features. Users can not remotely sign out of their Instagram account on all other devices.

Instagram has been becoming really popular among social media users for photo-sharing, online posting, connecting people from different locations, sharing stories etc. And with new features, it has become a platform to shop, making videos, promoting products etc. As every coin has two sides, Instagram also. For any random purpose, sometimes users log in to the Instagram account from many devices like PCs, browsers, and mobile phones. The problem arises when a user forgets to log out from other devices, it can lead to some undesirable activities as well. So users should know how to log out Instagram from all devices remotely?

For example, being a user you logged into your Instagram account from any device or PC and you forgot to log out. Instagram does not offer an option to log out your Instagram account from all other devices like Facebook. But we have a solution to the problem of how to log out Instagram from all devices remotely?

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There is an easy way to log out the Instagram account remotely. Users just need a Computer or the Instagram App on their Smartphone.

The easy method to log out the Instagram account is by changing the current password of the account. It will instantly log out the account of the users from all devices except for current devices.

Log Out Instagram Account from Other Devices Using App

  • Go to the Instagram app on the smartphone.
  • There are ‘3 dots’ on the Top right corner, tap on it. Then tap on ‘Password’ under the ‘Account’ option.
  • First insert the Old password. It will ask for the new password, so enter the new password two times and save it by tapping on the ‘Right’ icon from top.

It will log out the Instagram account from all other devices.

Log out Instagram from all devices remotely using Desktop

  • Go to the Instagram official website and log into the account with login credentials.
  • Then click on the ‘Profile’ icon appeared on the Top Right. After that, click on the ‘Gear’ icon.
  • Go to the change option of ‘Password’ from the pop-up menu. It will ask to enter the old or current password and then New password. After entering, tap on the save option.

These simple steps will instantly log out the Instagram account from all other devices except the current device.

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