com android cts priv ctsshim – Here’s is everything you must know

com android cts priv ctsshim

Many of the android users have no idea whatsoever on com android cts priv ctsshim and they frequently enquire about What is it? What it does? Users often think of it as some bloatware, malware, spyware or virus. But that isn’t the reality.  Here’s an article to tell you everything about the com android cts priv ctsshim. So let’s dive into the topic. – What is it? is nothing but an android package of the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) that comes with Android OS. It is a free test suit meant for Android device manufacturers to check for incompatibilities throughout the development of the device. 

It is to be noted that there will be two packages: and Here, CTS stands for “Compatibility Test Suite” while the one which has priv in it means that it is a privileged system app located in a priv-app directory of your system partition. The exact location is given as:

“/system/priv-app/CtsShimPrivbuilt/CtsShimPrivPrebuilt.apk” – What it does? might be considered as a tool meant for developers. Multiple issues are likely to arise related with the compatibility of Android apps and their versions; as recent apps aren’t designed to figure with older versions, CTS helps in verifying certain upgrade scenarios.

CTS is a tool which will help you to resolve compatibility problems with applications on Android. It performs several testing tasks on a device to spot incompatibilities and ensures to integrate the daily workflow of device engineers.

Is a /Bloatware/Malware/Spyware or Virus?

No, is not any Bloatware/Malware /Spyware or Virus. Even though some antivirus softwares identify or as Trojan, nevertheless it is completely safe application and not any virus.

Is a safe to use?

Since Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) is a product developed by Google, there is no ambiguity about its safety.  It is completely secured to use but at some times users may get to experience a few problems caused by it. However there are easy fixes available to resolve such problems. Here’s how to do so.

Fixing problems caused the

Although this android package by and large does not cause any errors but if it happens on rare occasions, you can undertake following steps to fix it.

  • Head to Settings on your device.
  • Then tap on apps followed bythe ellipsis icon (three vertical dots provided on the top right corner).
  • Thereafter tap on System apps.
  • Here locate and tap on
  • Lastly, go to its storage and tap on Clear data.

Once you have performed the above steps, repeat the same for

This will help you to fix the issues caused by the If it doesn’t you can force stop and by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Head to Settings on your device.
  • Then tap on apps followed bythe ellipsis icon (three vertical dots provided on the top right corner).
  • Thereafter tap on System apps.
  • Here locate and tap on
  • Finally, tap on Force stop.

If that even does not fix the issue, you can finally try to factory reset your device. Before doing so you must ensure to take a backup of your data as factory resetting will wipe all the data from your device. Here’s how to perform a factory reset of your device:

Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset. – Can it be uninstalled?

No, you should not. Removing it may create problems.  As or is a pre-installed application package, you can’t delete or remove it from your device.

We don’t recommend you to delete/disable/uninstall this system app if you insist upon uninstalling the app from your device, there is always a way out. To uninstall it you need to root your devices to have an access to privileged control and thereby use the System App Remover application or else you can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to uninstall

Note: You must remember that deleting system files may lead to wide-ranging problems. It is very much possible that it can turn your device dead. Hence, you should try to avoid uninstalling

Wrapping Up

That’s all from our side. Hope it is now clear to you that is nothing but an APK which comes with Android OS as a CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) for seeking and sorting out compatibility issues. It is quite safe and secure to use and is not any bloatware/malware/spyware or virus.

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