Clear Recents On Snapchat: Learn The Easy Ways

Snapchat surely ranks as the most admired media sharing social platform among netizens from all ages, and specially the teen and youth people. With an ever growing user base millions of people across the world are having an account on Snapchat. If you are an ardent Snapper and perform a lot of activities on the platform, you might have thought of clearing some of these activities. If you have no idea about how to clear recents on Snapchat, probably this is the place for you.

In case you want to delete recent chats or messages, or on the other hand if you wish to clear the search history, this article we tell you the easiest of ways to get the job done. So with no ado, let’s dive into the topic to explore more about how to clear the recents on Snapchat.

What Does Recents Mean On Snapchat?

As per the default functional setting, Snapchat keep a track of everything you do on the platform. And having that said, ‘Recents’ on Snapchat refers to and indicate your search and activities (comprising of your snaps and chats).

If you are looking how to clear your recents from your Snapchat profile, it is quite easy. To have a proper understanding on how to clear recents on Snapchat, you must read through the under-mentioned section.

How To Clear Recents On Snapchat?

In order to remove conversations, search history and other activities, there are certain ready to use options available on Snapchat. Here are the easiest ways to clear recents on Snapchat in just few clicks. Let’s check them out:

Clear Recent Conversations on Snapchat

In order to remove recent conversations from your Snapchat, all you have to do is clear your conversations. It will just require you to take few seconds out and get the task done in a few clicks.

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your device
  • Go to the Settings option provided on Profile section.
  • Scroll down to locate an option called ‘Clear Conversation’. Tap it.
  • Tap the “X” mark provided next to your recent conversations (you want to clear).
  • Finally, tab on “Clear” option to remove selected chats.

That’s what you have to do to clear recent conversations completely from your Snapchat profile.

Note: You can clear recent chats on Snapchat via this method. However, Snapchat continue to keep recording your history whenever you perform any task or activity. Thus you must be clearing the history as and when you feel so. To clear recent history from your Snapchat account, you must refer the method given below.

Remove Recent Search / Scan History

If you want to remove recent search or scan history, you can do that by using following simple steps:

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Go to the Settings option provided on Profile section.
  • Scroll down to locate an option called ‘Account actions’. Tap it.
  • From the next screen select ‘Clear Scan History’ option.
  • Finally, to remove your recent search history, tap on the clear option.

That’s it. You have successfully learned to clear recents on Snapchat. But what about removing older snaps. Let’s have a look at it as well.

How To Remove Older Snaps And Chats?

Having understood the process of clearing recents on Snapchat, you might be curious to know about the older ones. Well there’s nothing to worry about it, Snapchat will take care of the whole thing.

When you talk of removing old snaps, the Snapchat will automatically remove the Snap once it is seen by all respective recipients. Or else if that is not the case, and when the Snap remains unopen for a time span of 30 days; it will be cleared by default from your Snapchat profile.

On the other hand, if you take removing the older conversations into consideration, Snapchat will automatically remove the chat when snappers on both ends have viewed the message and leave their chat box. However there is an option available for you to set the clearing time for chat history to 24 hours.

Summing Up

That’s all we have for you on how to clear recents on Snapchat. Hope you liked the information and use it to get rid of recent chats or search history from your Snapchat account. For other related topics, keep visiting our blog. Till then, enjoy sharing Snaps with your dear and near ones!!!

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